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BOWSETTE in 23 Animation Styles! ■ HUGE Community Collab ■ The Chalkeaters' Mario Song Remake




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Who needs a Super Mario Bros movie when you can have Bowsette? 😉 We finally share our first complete MAP, or community animation collab! Featuring 23 animators with vastly different styles, this is a long-awaited animated music video for The Chalkeaters’ first meme song: Bowsette. To freshen it up, we re-recorded it from scratch, inviting our friends Meret Giddy (formerly M-G UniNew) and Nekro G to sing as Bowsette and Mario once again!

Let your Peach hang out in her another castle all she wants and enjoy our take on a Nintendo’s classic Mario vs. Bowser story!

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This music video is animated by:

00:00 TavyaPL & the whole team
00:12 Momčilo: https://youtube.com/@M_STUDIO_channel
00:19 wildface1010: https://youtube.com/@wildface1010-anim
00:24 C Cameron: https://cecameron.newgrounds.com/
00:30 Port5igar: https://youtube.com/@Port5igar
00:35 SaltyPin: https://twitter.com/SaltyPin
00:40 SetiSpaghetti: https://twitter.com/SetiSpaghetti
00:45 Kiryumia: https://youtube.com/@Kiryumia
00:51 9Olly: https://twitter.com/9RaviOlly
00:56 FungiFeast: https://twitter.com/Fungi_Feast
01:01 Ceo: https://ceoanam.tumblr.com/
01:05 Sheila Lieber: https://youtube.com/@sheilalieber2597
01:10 Teribear: https://twitter.com/Teribeear
01:16 TN Turnip: https://twitter.com/TheTNTurnip
01:22 Undlark: https://twitter.com/Undlark
01:27 NEDOelf: https://youtube.com/@NEDOelf_ne_doel
01:32 Zak Wood: https://twitter.com/ZakaZ96
01:37 ErCh: https://youtube.com/@ErCh_toons
01:42 Tenshi: https://www.instagram.com/tenshiarts_gt/
01:47 Lord Farquaad: https://twitter.com/pentremor
01:53 RayAnia: https://twitter.com/RayAnia_Doodle
01:58 kavalerriia: https://instagram.com/kavalerriia
02:03 PurpleDragon: https://beacons.ai/purpledragon
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Song by The Chalkeaters

Songwriter / Composer: Alios [ https://twitter.com/aliostwits ]
Arranger / Gutars: Ergy [ @ErgyErgy ]

Bowsette Vocals: @MeretGiddy
Mario Vocals: Nekro G @NekroGGRE
Backing Vocals: @ErgyErgy, PiNKII @NataliaNatchannel
Drums: Alex Goodman
Sound Engineering: Andy Naida [ https://andynaida.com ]

Video Editing / Compositing: Lenich [@LenichKirya ]
Cover Art: Pondis [ https://twitter.com/pondis_dant ]
Concept Art: velanovaova
Smoke VFX: Zlata Kozhina (Shurshaka)


Song translation by:
Translated by: Marti (Polish), Alexey Kang (Korean), Dantube (German), Sir Castel & Erraddo (Italian), Kouky & Herotroll (Czech), Trophy-Hunter30 & Proto (Brazilian Portuguese), narcisse & Orilion (French), Pixelito317 & GodOfErrors (Spanish), IronTwo & Deliable (Turkish), JoJo (Dutch), ranson-qwerty (Chinese), TokyoJoe (Japanese), ClockworkRelativity (Hebrew), Ema Mlynarčíková (Slovak)
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We are The Chalkeaters, the overproduced shtpost band making funny songs and animated videos about video games, game industry and related memes. In a higher production quality than they have any right to be in.

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