Blade Runner 2049 Movie Review (Spoilers)

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John Rocha, Perri Nemiroff, and Steve “Frosty” Weintraub sit down for a spoiler filled review of the highly anticipated ‘Blade Runner 2049’, directed by Denis Villenueve and starring Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling.

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Neogeoriffic says:

Perfection? I think not. How did two characters stroll into K’s apartment which had a hand imprint lock? OR why would anyone carve a date on a tree in which bones are buried beneath? OR how can Ana lead a rebellion from her bubble? OR why did Ana have an accent? OR where did Deckard get electricity to power his home? OR why was his front door not locked? OR how could Luv just stroll into Joshi’s office kill her, then apparently stroll out without incident? OR how did K’s electric car door function after being power sawed open? OR why didn’t Luv remove Wallace’s neck chip after he killed the girl? OR why would Wallace need to take Deckard off world in order to torture him for answers? OR why were there no male versions of Joi for lonely women? Just a few questions, I have plenty more. Perhaps your “expert” film critic would care to retort.

rhoadnaroahs says:

I read an interview with Ridley Scott and he claims he helped write 2049 but is uncredited.

MyGumShoe says:

fuck your mandatory commercials… you ain't THAT good.

Jim Paras says:

instant classic – disappointed in myself for not catching this on the big screen.

mattbradley87 says:

Guys guys.. can you start reviewing the movie instead of talking about how much you like blade runner…

Janfrans Zuidema says:

The K and JOI romance is special & tragic.

JOI loved K. She tried to protect him against LUV. She died for him.

JOI genuinely loved K. And K genuinely loved JOI.

The whole meeting with <product Joi> is heartbreaking.

Let's go and strangle LUV for killing JOI…

Buzz James says:

Leto is a Narcissistic asshole

SuperKing604 says:

This movie is okay, interesting but not a sci fi masterpiece, the length is only a secondary issues the main issue is its slow. it has some interesting stuff in it, I liked the double twist with Gosling. At least 2049 isn't not good like the original. They touched on a lot of stuff like the original but it didn't go into it enough like a great sci-fi movie should (example Gattaca). TALK about the humanity of the replicants, Harrison Ford wasn't even in it that much but that last one is a nitpick I guess (he didn't show up all that much guys maybe a bit more than normal but not like Force Awakens). 2049 didn't need to be rated R, PG-13 would have been fine there's no swearing, barely any blood and the nudity wasn't needed to just cut around it.

mickeybunts says:

Rocha is Boss


Electric Vision Blade Runner 2049 Music ft Abraham Hicks

Graham Birch says:

Spoilers? What spoilers? This film hides behind ambiguity, and pushes beutiful visuals to the for front ,No surprises in this fim whatsoever!

Wayne Shields says:

I thought it was good but for me the third act was kind of weak.

iamAMmusic says:

what a phenomenal follow up to a real cult classic. this world is dark and melancholy but it is shot so beautifully… i cant wait to have a second viewing this weekend watching final cut and 2049 back to back will be pure joy. the final scene was so perfect i know that Deni did that whole french thing "Voila" and end scene…. cut. Amazng.

Gabe says:

I am really upset they didn't say anything about Ryan goslings performance! He was spectacular! Carried this movie for almost 2 hours until Harrison Ford shows up which Ryan still continues carry his own!

F G Type Zero 0 says:

Perri, it’s okay to not like a revolutionary film. This film won’t/can’t be appreciated until the film industry catches up with it. This quasi negative reactive syndrome of an truly ascendant piece of art is called the Wu Tang Clan syndrome.

alex smith says:

Were you guys paid by the studio? because the movie was terrible. the plot made no sense

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