Bill & Ted Face The Music – Official Trailer 2 | Comic Con 2020 REACTION

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Sir Billions says:

Hey Dean…. is everything okay? I noticed you have not been around today… it's very unlike you to skip a Jojo upload day…

Josh Hinman says:

Man that “Oh” at 2:01 and that classic rift at 2:18 brings back a lot of memories, I’m very excited for this and share your annoyance with the cinemas being closed! And now that some dense girls have brought Covid back into QLD it’s gonna be even more time before they open up fully again! A shame it won’t have a theatrical release.

Jean-Paul Audette says:

WHAAT?! A non-theatrical release? That's scary, but also, commendably progressive! OMG what a world we now live in!

Fatih Hanif .W says:

Were good
Were in hell

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