Best Pixar Movie (CinemaSins vs. Honest Trailers) – MOVIEFIGHTS!

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CinemaSins’ Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson and Screen Junkies’ Andy Signore and Dan Murrell square off with guest judge Kristian Harloff (Schmoes Know) on these topics for the week of 5/15:

0:03:30 FIGHT 1 – Pitch Spider-Man’s introduction to the MCU
0:10:26 FIGHT 2 – Worst cinema sin
0:22:27 FIGHT 3 – Best movie chase scene
0:32:45 FIGHT 4 – Best Pixar movie
0:45:35 FIGHT 5 – Dream versus movie
0:54:05 FIGHT 6 – Most sinful movie
1:06:03 FIGHT 7 – Speed Round

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cool faces says:

This is dull


Wall-E is the best Pixar movie

Wren Falcon says:

I would say bringing characters back to life is retroactive deus ex machina.

Keith Wayne Jones says:

Jeremy Scott is my favorite YouTube personality.

#relatable says:

incredibles all the way

Pillager the Villager says:

pixar sucks

DEADPOOH: Merc w the Honey says:

Watching in 2018….still waiting for that rematch!!

D64nz says:

For those last questions, they should have the pile on rule, where they 2nd team gets to agree and gets points for adding more reasons to argue their point

George Shawki says:

The dark knight has one of the best car chases I've ever seen.

Drew Jackson says:

They’re all right about Spidey!

Goldfish_Overlord TheFirst says:

I'd argue that the most sinful movie ever is Manos:The Hands Of Fate

Donovan Benson says:

Worse sinful movie is Dragon ball

Evan The random person says:

I frankly would do Ethan hunt vs John wick. Two ruthless individuals, both tracking each other to kill each other. Like what if John wick was the one who killed Ethans wife and Ethan in an act of revenge wants to hunt him
(rim shot) so he can hurt the things John loves (like his dog)

A.D.K says:

Andy you like predicted Spider-Man's entry. Almost.

Imani S. H. says:

Man I'd kill to see that Holmes VS John Doe crossover.

Mr Pinchers says:

38:56 The Incredibles is original, it came out a year before fantastic four did(2004 Incredibles-2005 Fantastic 4)

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