Behind the scenes | Tenet 2020.

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Tenet is simply an incredible film with deep complex concepts to unravel well after the credits roll. Low ratings with criticism of the film’s “over the top confusion” is more indicative of an audience that has been spoon-fed brainlessly simple ideas for far too long, than any legitimate flaw in Nolan sculpture of a flowing and seamless narrative thread. Despite its complexity (which I believe is an asset) the film is perfectly paced, the actors bring a fluid confidence that assures the audience that at the very least the characters understand “inversion” (even if we don’t fully), and the cinematography and score also hold up their weight alongside the driving narrative. There is a understandable concern that the mix was not inducive to assisting the audience in understanding the various exposition dumps that occur throughout the film, however this could vary widely depending on the sound system used when viewing and in any event it did not detract from my overall enjoyment of the film. This is a film that challenges conventional story arcs, and was a breath of fresh air in a landscape that for years has featured repetitively unimaginative action films such as those presented under the Avengers franchise. Hopefully this movie gains the recognition it deserves and Nolan is rewarded for breaking the mould in difficult year for large-budget cinema-based films. Perhaps Tenet is demonstrating a brilliant stroke of commercial genius on Nolan’s part; make a movie so confusing yet enjoyable that viewers MUST go back for a second viewing!


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