Batman v Superman – Kal El’s Journey REACTION! (Fan-Made)

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Adeel of Steel’s Video

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Jessica Herrera says:

wow you're channel is amazing and that you're from San Antonio

TheRealDorkKnights says:

This was better than the real one!

Yuuki Terumi and 『The Ouroboros Susanoo God Unit』 says:

This fan made trailer was better than the actual teaser itself.

Kryptek says:

How young are u

adrianp972 says:

That was dope.

Drake Jones says:

Is it me or did that hand that was at the end of the video,the one on the top right, looked as if it was fingering someone XD

Darkknight2149 says:

It's amazing how well some fans can cut a trailer.

CmdrSloanne says:

Hey!! Jae did you took a swim in Ra's Lazarus Pit. cool move!! almost didn't recognized you.was close to unsub. hahahahahaha

Medicen Jimmy says:

react to "Batman v Superman Trailer – Animated Style",please. 😀

zaandarbrow says:


K.P.T says:

i hope they do something like this for the first trailer. they HAVE to establish that he was inexperienced in MoS, and show that batman v superman MAKES SENSE as a concept because Pa Kent foreshadowed the whole superman God thing.

Steven Cousin says:

look my trailer Superman age of Jurassic thank =)

kush patel says:

JaeRoar went back in time to save his face

Winginit says:

Love the shirt jae!
adtr 😀

J Wreck says:

Yaa was cool…so is your ADTR tshirt.

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