Bambi II – Disneycember

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What’s stranger, making a sequel to Bambi, or that sequel almost working? Doug takes a look at Bambi II.

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Infinite Gears says:

Damn, now I gotta watch bambi again

TheMidnightwolf15 says:

I honestly felt a bit ripped off by the film. I honestly would've preferred a proper sequel, where Bambi becomes the Prince of the Forest and looks after his mate (I forget her name) and foals. While I did enjoy the prequel fine (I loved the animation, the characters of Bambi and the Prince) I do agree that some of the lines in this film are a bit cringy. And some of the songs chosen in this film are a bit…meh. The original orchestral soundtrack sounded really good and fitting. The pop songs are a bit meh. But I honestly would've preferred a proper sequel.

rai pika pi says:

I like how silly and fun this movie was but that "hellooooo?" was so haunting it gave me nightmares. oh Disney…

Michael McCarty says:

"Bambi… Bambi! BAMBI!!! This is Kaos! Ve don't, 'Voohoo' here."
Twenty internets to whosoever understands this reference

ashipnerd offical says:

This movie was a childhood favorite of mine. It oddly enough got me into writing…
It's true, but I'm still not fully sure how though…

Justin Middleton says:

Yeah this one really pushed the "son wants proud father to appreciate him" story, but it wasn't too badly executed.

I have to say, Patrick Stewart really shined as the Great Prince. I mean Jean-Luc Picard himself as a deer… they couldn't have picked a better voice.

Master Chief58 says:

Honestly, it was just far to modern to be a sequel of an classic movie that was already 64 years ago at the time. I think I would've preferred a reboot over this were the modern quality would be more acceptable.Then again, this isn't the only time something like this happened when there are other classic Disney animated movies like Peter Pan, Jungle Book, Cinderella, The Fox and the Hound, etc.. where they all had sequels that come several decades after the first movie and come off far to modern.

Lucy Gault says:

i cryed the first one

The Fangirls_MN_SP_BS says:

0:40 gives spoiler alert after saying spoiler

Roman Woolner says:

Oh my god what is that tune at the start I've heard it so much what is it I need to know

Hands Up says:

I hated this movie.

Ibrahim AG says:

What is the name of the theme

Tanya roman says:

I like both of the movies

Stone Celtden says:

WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT SEQUAL TO 2001????????????????????????????

Shadowlink64Gaming says:

…Bambi's a guy?

Jorge Ortiz says:

Instead of the father saying "Princes don't woo-hoo", the scene should have been Bambi playing around until he catches the stern gaze of the father, akin to the look he gives in the first film, to which Bambi takes the hint and settles down, all slowly paced and with no dialogue.

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