Avengers: Endgame Official Trailer (2019) Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans

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In the aftermath of Thanos’ finger snap, The Avengers regroup with the help of some familiar faces.

The Significance of Hawkeye’s Ronin Costume in Avengers: Endgame

The Russo Bros. Confirm Loki’s Fate in Infinity War – IGN News

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Dizzzile says:

Avengers -with hawkaye win
Age of ultron-with hawkaye win
Infinitywar-with No hawkaye lose
I think hawkaye is the strongst avenger

Naresh Mallya says:

2:09 In the end of this trailer, looks like Ant Man did travel back in time . He escaped quantum realm possibly using the time vortex. Check the upper left corner of the video feed… It says "ARCHIVE" , Also shows a blue number.. 1980ish… But then how did his van travel back in time with him? That I would like to know as well…

xtension xward says:

it always happens people get success so they feel they should deliver more … and there you go they reached the point where they felt its crucial to kill off half the heroes just to impress the audience 😐

Varish Venkat says:


F0rty says:

hopefully they reverse time and cap gets his beard back

ImInnuendo says:

1:29 Thor still thinking that he should of gone for the head

Will p says:

Ant man is a skrull watch out!!

Saad Shahzad says:

Even though scott lang is alive and well
We still don't know about hope and pym
They could be still in micro realm
Maybe Scott came to avengers to get help

Saad Shahzad says:

All I know that Aunt May is gonna get mad after knowing that thanos killed Peter
Forget captain marvel guys. May is the real hero

Saad Shahzad says:

At first I thought it was night thrasher's mask
Too much mcoc in my brain

Otterinmywater says:

This is what a trailer should be like. Don’t show any fight scenes, don’t explain what the heroes big plan is going to be; just set the tone of the movie. After all, a movie like this doesn’t need a flashy trailer to convince people to see it.

Route 1 says:

“What’s done is done when we say it’s done”

Brandon Cortes says:

Lang said they met years ago, so this movie takes place many years after infinity war. I don’t know how to feel about that

Robert Roy says:

Which Avenger do you think will die first in this movie? 😳

Js Gaming -Clash Royale says:

When black widow said 'this is gonna work' she probably meant going into the quantum realm and trying to go back in time or something like that ( my theory)

Browk says:

Excuse me what

K H says:

@1:37 there is no blood to wipe.

Jeremiah Munson says:

I can already imagine Captain America saying “I can do this all day” in his final battle

BreakOps says:

Ok guys honestly those faces on the holograms can really be anybody if they want it. Remeber the Situation with the Hulk in infinity wars trailer

sky bro says:

I just want this to be filled with physics

the dude says:

Anyone else think Cap should've kept the beard?

ΛXCEL says:

i should've gone for the head…
i should've gone for the head…
i should've gone for the head…
i should've gone for the head…
i should've gone for the head…
i should've gone for the head…
i should've gone for the head…
i should've gone for the head…
i should've gone for the head…

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