Assassin’s Creed Soundtrack – Ezio’s Family HD

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Cinematic video with Ezio’s family song. Enjoy!


axel puppet 2 says:

Requiestcat in pace ezio, probablemente sea él único de habla hispana pero este juego formo parte de mi infancia y me acuerdo de todos los asesinatos que hice y las horas de diversión ante la pantalla pero todo lo bueno como este juego… Tiene que acabar, espero que ubisoft saque un juego mejor que esta trilogía

Hiijonguh says:

00:3800:50. Do you guys hear the 'woman's list'? The treachery. Hear at 00:49 the last thing the woman sings. You hear it? You're done for.

Outer Shadow says:

Is a legend. Stays a legend. I think there will be no assassin to surpass Ezio. Requiestat in pace el mentore


Оргинс и одиссея говно покраснению со старыми частями

Pytronic says:

This makes me wanna cry becuz i beated this game in brotherhoods story

Александра Шур says:

Ностальгия (((

Yigit [Ezio Auditore Da Firenze] says:

İnsa hüzünleniyor ben ne yapayım 😂

Svjv21 says:

Hello from 2018

Tuğrul Can Ezgintürk says:

Requiescat in pace Master ezio.WE MİSS YOU FOREVER.

Naser T4j says:

full soundtrack direct download

ScorpioGrimm says:


Onur Yiğit says:

Vay be efsanelerin efsanesi o zamanlar

Доги says:

We miss you,Ezio.

Svizzy Chaser says:

Noi lavoriamo nell’oscurità per servire la luce.

Get To says:

Nostalgia :'(

eggnog says:

i miss the good ol days when the assassins creed games were about campaign

Диванный Аналитик, политик, критик says:


Диванный Аналитик, политик, критик says:


петушок кукареков says:

Из трилогии про эцио, моя любимая это революшенс.

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