Assassin’s Creed 3 – E3 Official Trailer [Imagine Dragons – Radioactive (Peter Johansson Dub-Mix)]

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Download link below(fixed).
Here is a dubstep remix of “Imagine Dragons – radioactive” that ive made and synced it to the trailer of Assassin’s Creed 3.
I do not own the rights of the video and its made for non-profit and entertainment purposes.
Free MP3 download:


EditGaMeR says:

middleburgh yo

Chrisgaming says:

First time I saw this:THESE GRAPHICS THOUGH

Brandon Straley says:

this is dubstep remix of radioactive

Ariana Yang says:

dude that was fucken boss

Knight roblox says:

I don't understand why people hated this, it was awesome…

Anthony Mckay says:

this song makes my spine tingle

crazy family says:

I just. Love dubstep and this was a great thing the person did<3

realvikingman says:

This is a great "movie trailer"

C S says:

this is what I hate about assassins creed games the trailer shows really good things ( ac 3 and unity trailers) and you play the game and it isn't as good as the trailer shows

GkGSparks says:

The video is kick ass.

Too bad the game sucked.

brandon chicora says:

i love the remix of radioactive on here and the video goes so well with it

The Diamond Life says:


kingemac says:

If only the game had ended up being as epic as this trailer! The whole AC franchise would be so much better if Ubisoft decided not to milk the cash cow so hard by bringing out a new title every damn year. Its what I hate most about the gaming industry, franchises sell not because of their product quality, but just because they have established a brand name for themselves!

Maxwell Arnott says:

Even though im British, Conner Kennway is my favourite assassin of all

kanergeorge says:

This makes the revolutionary war look like a boss won it not the American troops.

Mikey Novotka says:

hehe, this is is awesome. Anymore this is how I get up in the morning!! 😀

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