Assassin’s Creed 2 OST / Jesper Kyd – Ezio’s Family (Track 03)

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From ‘Assassin’s Creed II (Original Game Soundtrack)’
Music by Jesper Kyd | Label : Ubisoft Music (Ubiloud)

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Xbro gaming says:

Epico cazzo

Høppy Chãn says:

Still the best assassins creed game

FOODY xD says:

When i first listen to this song , i feel like flying

j guily says:

3012 Anyone?

Dub mania KN says:

87k likes – Assassin Creed best fans
Those who are best fans of assassins like my comment

Beg Evanx says:

Hermosa canción 👑

Penetrator Menethil says:

What If they Remake this Beautiful Assassins Creed 2 Asssassins Creed BrotherHood and Assassins Creed Revelations look like Odyssey ?

Kabz02 says:

Don’t listen to this without headphones. If you are I don’t know what to say to u. Cos I know it’s not just me but who else can understand why.

Tariq Siddiqui says:

A beautiful life may it never change may it never change us assassin creed 2 start of an era in which players soul was affected but not his wallet

issou lachancla says:

9 years still amazing

Mihai S says:

Ac has gone forever. Now is a mmorpg game

Brandon Wayne says:

"requiescat in pace"

Haiqal sharif says:

Best AC series ever ♥️

German Chernogalov says:

-Наша жизнь прекрасна, брат.
-Вот бы она не менялась.
-И не когда не меняла нас.

Yamen Almasry Abeda says:

Requiescat in peace ezio auditore da firenze

Lil Bejz says:


Ezio Auditore says:

Great, I remember this.

KevinCapa2015 says:

They should have ended it after AC3. AC Black Flag was a fine anthology addition, but the rest afterwards can suck it.

Deniz says:

Assassins creed Black Flag was the last good ac

But damn ACII was Amazing Story – Feeling – Graphics

RIP – Ezio Auditore da Firenze (Love that name 😂)

Cobalt 04 says:

Oh my lord the memories, I will never forget climbing that first church in Ac2.

orochimaru sensi says:

I feel like if I'm in church of prey

the king 9603 says:

Quando gli altri seguono ciecamente la verità ricorda… nulla è reale
Quando gli altri si piegano alla legge o alla morale ricorda… tutto è lecito
Agiami nell'ombra per servire la luce… siamo… assassini
L'italiano è la lingua di ezio quindi o voi che non lo capite vi arrangiate e non capite un cazzo oppure imparate quantomeno queste perle di saggezza

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