ARMY OF THE DEAD Teaser Trailer Reaction (I LOVE ZOMBIES!)

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Army of the Dead (2021)

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dashan6ify says:

Have you ever seen the last Skywalker it's good

MK 2700747 says:

I would love love if you react to Train To Busan if you have not watched it

Puta Lover says:

I am excited. He does good outside DC.

Spidercat616 says:

You should react to Warm Bodies!

Spatula Games says:

Carrie-anne Moss was in an excellent zombie film called "Fido". Shawn of the Dead was a great take on the genre.

Alex Elizardo says:

I'd love to see you react to George Romero's zombie trilogy.

Hrt D says:

Hey Kazzy,could you react to ''Collateral''(2004) please?😊😊

STUEY H says:

Is that moonshine you are sipping, a tease within a tease eh. Ah yes Army of The Dead looks good, bring on May 21st

Srihari San says:

Zombie movie recommendation- Train to Busan

BattlePope_au says:

Looks more like World War Z than the World War Z movie.

Eric Pederson says:

That only made me mad. I need two minutes at minimum for a proper trailer. They're just messing with us.

Fred Skull says:

Pretty cool. Like “Warm Bodies” without the romance

Graveyard Troubadour says:

I hope its good, WB dropped it because budget reasons and they didn't take it seriously. I love zombie movies and I've been waiting for a big budget blockbuster with known actors but unfortunately it will never happen. Studios don't take them seriously. Anyways, Army of the Dead will have a 4 hour animated prequel series so some more zombie goodness to look forward to.

Linerunner99 says:

Zack Snyder doing another zombie movie? Oh, I'm in. I'm all in. See what I did there..? Because Vegas…….. I'll see myself out.

john m bell says:

Hey Kazzy, yes definitely a tease but this one definitely worked as I can’t wait to see a full trailer and of course check this out on Netflix. and six seasons of The Walking Dead you are a trooper I really like that show but I don’t think I made it six seasons not sure how many but I just couldn’t watch it after a while no real reason it just lost me somehow but I still considered a great show I have a good one🙂👍

oxhine says:

Hey, Kazzy! Snyder, Bautista, Vegas, zombies? I'm simple. I'm in!
The two best entries in zombie horror have most recently been from South Korea!

If you haven't seen "Train to Busan", you must! It is an instant zombie classic that was a big success internationally.

The other I highly recommend is "Kingdom" on Netflix! It's a South-Korean two-season series of 6 episodes apiece set in period during the 15th-century Joseon Dynasty! Not only is the setting unusual but the zombies exhibit a NOVEL characteristic. The narrative is propulsive and the social commentary requisite in all zombie fiction is definitely present. The show works as both a period K-drama and a horror series! Doona Bae of the Wachowskis' "Sense8" co-stars as a nurse. You should react to it!

You should also consider reacting to the absolute best sci-fi show on the air right now, "The Expanse". It's based on a series of novels by two guys who use the pseudonym of James Corey. The show is about the politics and prejudice of a future human society that has colonized the solar system including the Moon, Mars, the Asteroid Belt, the Jovian moons and the Saturnine moons. Earth is overcrowded and in the throes of climate change. The plot begins as a conventional neo-noir mystery that leads to a startling discovery that changes the course of human history. The show takes pains to be scientifically accurate and has many champions among real astrophysicists and celebrity sci-fi aficionados. The cast is extraordinarily diverse and the narrative is incredibly propulsive. Check it out!

Supreme Comics Girl says:

Great Reaction

D0CI87PC says:

"Aaaaaah! Zombies!" A B Zombie movie from the Zombie's perspective.

Psychonaut says:

Dawn of the Dead (2004) is one of the best zombie movies ever made, this should be good.

Sam Todd says:

That's why they are called teasers my dear, to make you want more.

V I says:

HEY HEY HEY, where's Season 2 of the boys LMAO… btw this movie should be funny… but besides that… you gotta start season 2 haha

Jim Tatro says:

Zack Snyder killed it with the Dawn of the Dead remake, so my expectations are high

Stress Free Paper Chase says:

Fred Savage!!!!

Alan Hembra says:

Las Vegas? Lame. Been done before.

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