Aquaman Movie Review

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A big bet for the DC movie universe that pays off.

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ojay Z says:


Binayak Basnet says:

This is the stupidest review

Eric Mendez says:

I'll be honest.. am like a die hard fan of Marvel… But for this film… At least it wasn't a DC-pointment

Milton Quintanilla says:

7.5 "I hate fish" -IGN

gamer117 says:


Doesn't make you FEEL like Aquaman

Sub Bot says:

Too much water-7.5…

Im so original

Viktor Rævehøj says:

It was a 9/10 no question

Trey Alexander says:

Sexy wig wat talking about ign

Michael Scott says:

I watched the movie and it was AWESOME! Just remember these are the same people who gave the last Jedi a 9.5 and venom a 4/10. Aqua man was easily at the very least an 8 even if you nitpicked

Christopher Counts says:

All they do is use words they don’t use every day, I bet the script is written next to

Alex Worm says:

Totally agree with Black manta, Totally uncecessary

Lazy Art says:

This review is a waste of time

Drax B says:

I thought Black Manta was Ant-Man

TaniTime says:

You guys act like 7.5 is a bad score

Catalin Borz says:

Saw it last night……I wanted to leave the cinema in the first 15 minutes.
Awful movie.

Zane Avery says:

But this movie was a masterpiece.😕

D l says:

Can't wait for marvel to crush this with Namor in the mcu

Silver Wolf says:

IGN rating system is clearly to ranking how much money they got under the table for their review not about the movie itself. Look what they rated the last jedi ROFL.

Ray Alli says:

Stick to games IGN, just saw this movie and it was amazing! 9/10 for me and hands down one of DCs best movies.

L W says:

Too much action too little dialogue

Moosa R says:

Yea come on!! Complain about anything useless bc its dc. When it's short u say it should have been long. When it's long u say it should have been short. Just say the truth that u are biased 😊

Steven Yang says:

I just watch Aquaman. I have to say it was an great film. 8/10. You have to understand how hard it is to try to create a scene with cgi alone and to do it underwater that is in a class of its own!! Which James has done just that with this film. Not only has he capture great hero, but the film had great visual effects that reminded me a lot of why I enjoyed and spend money at the movies. James Wan not only proves his skills as a great director but is this the beginning of a great DC film director? I hope so.

Aaronn sixx says:

just back from the cinema. visually stunning movie. very enjoyable. 9/10 .

PedMindset says:

I give Aquaman a 9.0

J Morris says:

Everyone that hate this movie is a marvel fan all the way

DrJonathan says:

I think Black Manta was too weak Aquaman defeated him without a weapon how does that make sense when in the comics black manta fights him when he has hes trident

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