Aquaman – Movie Review

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The DCEU has had some hits and misses, and now Aquaman is getting his shot. How does he stack up? Here’s my review of AQUAMAN!



Jeremy Jahns says:

Ha! Oh man, I totally forgot to put in the graphic for the rating. Well, it's late, I'm tired, and I'm going to bed. Peace!

Legacysquid 062 says:

This movie is Tron meets journey to the center of the earth meets pacific rim meets lord of the rings meets international treasure meets pirates of the Caribbean

Anirudh A Doijode says:

i had really hoped and wished u wud have given this an awesometacular review JJ

Jared Alvarez says:

James Wan said where he got his inspiration from tho

Vengeance says:

I totally get your stance for black manta, but they did set him up well to be the main villain in 2.

Omar Negron says:

Is it me or this dude is gay ass fuck

Kneel2ThaCrown says:

Aquaman was actually a pretty big mess for 2/3rd's of the movie and most of the humor just didn't land and came across cheesy/cringe-y at points. The redeeming thing was when he became king and got the bad ass looking costume. Mera and Black Manta were the best up until then. I can't believe I'm saying this but I kinda wish Zack Snyder directed the movie. His tone would've fit WAY better. I must say the cinematography was beautiful tho.

Kevin Thai says:

His father is a Mandalorian!

jayakrishnan r says:

The film's really good but it's plot is nothing new, still the visuals are exhilarating.

YnotNomis says:

Seen it twice already! Loved it! can't wait to see it again!

JBLegend 52 says:

When I watch the movie everytime there having a nice conversation there is always an explosion

LifeEntity says:

it was corny and too predicable

ryeley schlup says:

sherlock seasons 3 and 4

Aaron Green says:

Black manta was trashhhhh

Lance`s Creepy Reading says:

Saw this last night. It kicked ass!

Ed one says:

This movie was trash…all CGI and zero good movie script lame jokes….and why do they blink under water

Joshua Don'tASK says:

second time seeing it it’s a great time. Also, the Oceanmaster name is a Title you earn while Aquaman is a name given as an alias in the movie.

StuffyLILPHIL says:

I thought this was before Justice League?

rwer qwrqwr says:

I thought this movie was a mess, it isn't the actors fault it's just the script felt that it was every where with no real direction, it was trying to be too many things.
Aquaman has been the butt of a few jokes in comic fandom for a long time so the movie was going to have a hard time, if it was more self aware I think it could of pulled it off but you would need some major writing talent and less CGI to fill the gaps.

Emmanuel says:

This movie in 4DX is amazing

marcos sanchez says:

TBH Aquaman was better than venom

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