Aquaman – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Aquaman, starring Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson, Dolph Lundgren, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Nicole Kidman, Ludi Lin, Temuera Morrison. Directed by James Wan.


Kristopher Victorian says:

Great video Chris! 🔱🌊

Mike Breeden says:

I absolutely understood exactly what he is saying. I was able to put about 75% of that into words myself. Great entertainment. Take it for what it is – a comic book adventure with colors and images far more bright and detailed than my imagination ever made.

Johnny H says:

I liked it and would also give it a B.

Keyz Smith says:

Black manta is A unique villain

Zackariah says:

An amazing movie! Go see it!

Hanafiah Idham says:

People complain when dceu movies being cut, and now they complain when this movie's duration is too long

That Other Guy says:

I don't enjoy very cheesy cartoons or anime but I loved Aquaman!

shawn le says:

Awesome movie . James wan and Jason is definitely born to play Aquaman

Stephanie Carr says:

Yeah, um… I saw this film last night..and while yes it IS beautifully shot and the action scenes are fantastically choreographed, unfortunately all of that could NOT keep me awake during the middle of it …talk about a snoozefest. By the end it got a bit better but by that time I was DYING to get out of that theater….

Dropping Loads says:

Why the hell did mera take aquaman to Atlantis to tell him that he needs to take the ancient artifact to the Sahara desert. When she could have just taken the artifact with her when she first went up to convince him? Go to Atlantis get captured and now let’s go and find what we always knew you needed. Dumb

Fractured Films says:

Was so dissapointed with this movie, even my mum thought a lot of it was very cringey

Noah says:

This movie is basically a combination between Percy Jackson, Thor, and tron legacy

LifeEntity says:

The ocean master looked more like the comic book verse of aquaman than Jason Momoa, Black manta character was boring, I give the movie a C+, to was predictable as hell, p.s WTH how can you go into a damn water and come back with a ginormous fork with a costume on and not explain how he got it or explain its benefits when the person has it on

Kade Bollinger says:

The more I watch Chris’ videos, the more I respect him as a movie critic. He’s not afraid to disagree with the mainstream narrative. Aquaman (and the entire DCEU) isn’t what RT makes it out to be. So much unjustified hate.

Reece Hedge-Dye says:

You gonna review The Mule brodie?

Luciano Oliveira says:

No more Snyder depression! James Wan for fun forever! 😆

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