ANGEL HAS FALLEN Official Trailer (2019) Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman Movie HD

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ANGEL HAS FALLEN Official Trailer (2019) Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman Movie HD

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Secret Service Agent Mike Banning is framed for the attempted assassination of the President and must evade his own agency and the FBI as he tries to uncover the real threat.

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Football Penalty says:

Interesting Trailer Morgan Freeman

Fuad Danial says:

So you got hundreds of drones capable of exploding anything it touches and the President stuck on a shitty fishing boat in the middle of open water, but you kill everyone else first?

john smith says:

Wow, “negro down”….him and slick Willy have something in common…they both done tha Hillary.

strife3e says:

4th Movie: Fallen has Fallen

Abdellaui Abderrahmane says:

I think it's a new UAV weapon

RayC1 says:

I like both Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, but these movies are stinkers.

Shadow 133 says:

Movie looks bad, as usual, but now the trailer even reveals @02:09 the bad guy and entire plot?

Bogdan Kosenko says:

"Does Gerrard Butler have a massive student loan or something? Is that why he does all these shit films?". "Nah, I don't have a student loan. I just do all these shit films" (c) Gerrard Butler.

James Rimmer says:

Where did Piper Perabo come from??

Mason Garcia says:

What’s next “life has fallen”

Straight Paper Slots says:

Oh yeah lot of action cant wait to see this one 👍🏾

Binary 101 says:

Damn another Frank Stockburn son

Fire Of His Love says:

The Fallen Has Been Taken

Stunt Driver says:

Love Morgan freeman but, this movie looks gay – might watch it on HBO.

adsgwsadg sdagsd says:

Lmao. Explosives in water ? Id rather take one to the face. At least I would have better odds.

Habib Dargham says:

Next Movie : Morgan Freeman Has Fallen.

mike hunt says:

if youve seen one gerard butler movie you've seen them all. he sucks as an actor.

canadakaos says:

Total bullshit

enock arthur says:

Can we now have the Fallen series

Oz Man says:

Gerard Butler has been coming out with terrible movies, he has aged well now. Hope this movie doesn't become like the terrible movies.

Mark F says:

This guy is to old to make any new action movie some what realistic or even flow right. This is a thumbs down wrong lead actor for the job.


the same story line of SAVING american PRESIDENT from some rouge gangs with new entries and new location in AMERICA …common guys why dont u send AMERICAN PRESIDENT out of AMERICAN SOIL and save him from rouges in other nations i think atleast they should try this in upcoming series SPARTAN HAS FALLEN…….

ziggy stardust says:

Hey, what happened to Aaron Eckhart

Carlos Chapa says:

Is this the second part of Olympus Had Fallen????

Coty Martin says:

The next 12 movies: Hillary has fallen 1-12.

Mark C says:

It will be on HBO by Oct so I'll wait..

Jermaine Jones says:

The problem outside the obvious with these movies is the CGI always looks horrible. The last scene when he is running and the building is collapsing, looks like a kid did it.

L Frn says:

This actor is a Secret service agent wanna be lol. Late on all his fucking movies are about to be a bodyguard. What is his problem? Everybody know that does not happen in real life.

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