Anand Kumar on Hrithik Roshan's Look in 'Super 30' | The Quint

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#Super30 will be out on July 12 and we caught up with #AnandKumar and spoke to him about #HrithikRoshan’s look in the movie, PILs against him and how he contributed with the script.

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Sanket Bora says:

Is she the bol na aunty aau kya waali; quint neon waali? 🤔

Information Bd says:

Pankaj tripathi is the best choice for this character.

Waqas Saghir says:

What a beautiful Religion HUMANITY ❤️

Ishan Kumar says:

Last mein he should have said like Nawazuddin Siddiqui's dialogue , " Bhakk teri maakichut"

Debojyoti Choudhury says:

& haters here is your answer
Hey Hrithik Sir we are coming to c u


Happy that Bollywood recognised a hero ..

K Mohan says:

Great to have you guy like you sir

Raushan Kumar says:

Banao chutiya bete

Shekhar Paul says:

This guy is a bloody genius and god for under privileged kids. 🙏

No One says:

Ye toh sot wali madam hain..kisine pehchana😜🙋?
Btw awesome video…hats off to the real hero

Mousumi Mondal says:

SUPER HIT💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

Chaitanya says:

Banda sahiii he.


Great teacher, I'm big fan of you.

amarjeet kaloty says:

Sir you shouldn’t have allowed him to make a movie on you. A documentary is enough.

Gurpreet Kaur says:

Why don't you guys watch the movie first and then comment on it. Good actors should work on meaningful movies. Hrithik is an underrated actor. His acting skills are overshadowed by his western look and dance. Choosing a project like this shows his soul. Give him a chance.

Kaustav Bhattacharya says:

Ekdam ekdam sahi sahi baat bola Ananad ji ekdam agree with u sir

Amar Mishra says:

Akhri mein hagga…last ka joke ne bata diya ki reporter ko maths kyun pasand nhi

Abhishek Singhal says:

Aap bht hi jada intellent student ko padate h ,un baccho ko baaki coaching bhi free mai padati h

Abhishek Singhal says:

Rona band karo

Srejon Roy says:

That "Aunty ki ghanti" wali host 😁😁

Pussin BOOTS says:

HR is nowhere fit to play this role. Can't never watch him play the role of a bhojpuri dude. He clearly wants a handsome dude to play his part. Anand ji you fucked up a good movie for your own good.

M S says:

You are the mannnn. Proud to be an Indian. Proud to be Bihari.

D Patel says:

Hrithik is best

Apurva Ujjwal says:

After listening to the last question of reporter – Some morons will say these types of questions are asked in UPSC interview 😂

Jyotsna Sharma says:

He is not collaborating with Mr. Abhayanand anymore?

Faith vlogs says:

he does everything free of cost .haha his net income is more than some MP's of country .He is a business man .

Faith vlogs says:

he does everything free of cost .haha his net income is more than some MP's of country .He is a business man .

kamal tusham says:

The finest reporter who is genuine and closed it with a good humour.
It’s true that poor or under privileged people are much talented than anyone who has everything in his/her kitty.

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