ALONE Official Trailer (2020) Horror Movie

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ALONE Official Trailer Movie On Demand And Digital 17 January 2020.

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itz me says:

i feel bad for laughing bc i though of brandon rogers going “help someone has stolen mein blind stick”

Christopher Cory says:

Alone in the dark…
Blind women with people trying get money out of a doll.
Remember that film?

Gregorio San Juan says:

what? so what is it about? there's a blind woman. there's killing. uggh

Edward Terry says:

I don't get it, why didn't this trailer give away the entire movie?

Mike Jorsch says:

Audrey Hepburn did it better Wait until Dark

Hunter Parucki says:

Watch new movies for free with no account needed !!

Xinjin Rule says:

2 movies upcoming named ALONE and one is a Zombie Movie and now this one! Can't you guys think of a unique titles?

DYG boy says:

Amazing trailer

Ironclaw XII says:

While I commend this trailer for not showing the entire plot, at the same time it goes too far in the other direction. Could we at least get some idea of what it's about?

orochi shin says:

Quách đờ heo

Dunecigar says:

Looks a bit B-movieish… but interesting, nonetheless.

michael amos says:

Looks like a remake of hush instead she's blind not deaf

manbenitez247 says:

Why are they making a live adaptation of "3 blind mice"

Batman Pop's says:

Imagine being the only person at the movie theater seeing this film, Alone LOL 😂

Fit Meals says:

Theoden king stands alone
Note alone! Rohirrimmmm

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