Alex Jones Explains Prequels in 2 and a half minutes to RedLetterMedia

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Alex Jones Explains Prequels in 2 and a half minutes to RedLetterMedia


re hash says:

It's all geopolitical.

Daniel Strzyz says:

and jar jar is his dog??

jert opp says:

What people dont understand about the prequels was that they weren't meant to be about the characters. They were meant to tell the overall story behind the star wars universe. Look at them more as a history book and not a novel.

The Hanged Man says:

That's actually an incredibly good summary. Jones should've been a reviewer.

Saint Leibowitz says:

For all his faults, Alex Jones' analysis of the prequels is right on the money!

DrRobertBischof says:

Summed it up prettu well in under 3 minutes. That's pretty impressive

Mike Strider says:

His Palpatine impression comes so naturally to him.

Donald Drumpf says:

Palpatine did 9/11

Mike Ock says:

That's about it, yeah. I'll explain Star Wars to normies like this someday.

Silver Dragon says:

He does a pretty good Palpatine voice!

SirSamTheThird says:

Stupid Trade Federation didn't learn from history, they should have known the same thing happened with the Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia and Communist China.

Funny Bones says:


nintendoluigi says:

What Germany is doing right now, or rather the EU. They import millions of antithetical brown muslims who rape and kill, then they will use the front of "protecting the people" to enact a totalitarian police state – the EU army Merkel always wanted

Alexander Stevenson says:

"Global intergalactic war"

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