Al Pacino Wins Best Actor: 1993 Oscars

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Jodie Foster presenting Al Pacino with the Best Actor Oscar® for his performance in “Scent of a Woman” at the 65th Academy Awards® in 1993.

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fahd sabya says:

King Hollywood

CS 22 says:

No one has deserved an Oscar any more for any role.

Also, Jodie. <3<3<3

Safwate Ahmed says:

I love this . How long he had to wait for this moment. Love you #Pacino.


He deserved a oscar in godfather and scarface

Alex Gamer says:

best actor ever

Frank Miranda says:

Al Pacino wins his long-overdue oscar

dark jedi says:

Downey, eastwood, pacino, denzel, steph rea….

What a scary nominees!
The academy jury must've been stressed to choose the winner!

Fluffy Dragon says:

w8 wat he didnt win oscar for michael corleone!

Despond says:

Back when some idiot PC trender didn't have to bark some stupid speech @ every award show.

minus minus says:

クリントもヤバす♥♥‼.+:。 ヾ(◎´∀`◎)ノ 。:+.

minus minus says:

この頃のアルパチに生で♥♥抱かれたいでぇーすっ。.+:。 ヾ(◎´∀`◎)ノ 。:+.

nicole butler says:

That's so hollywood to make a biopic about a serial child molester and nominate it for an Academy award. He is also praised and seen as a pioneer and hero just like woody allen, roman polanski, jerry Seinfeld, Steven Tyler, Iggypop, keith richards, mick jagger, Leonardo Dicaprio, Brad Pitt, ted nudget, Kurt cobain, marvin gaye, jimmy page, R-Kelly, and Dustin hoffman just to name a few but congratulations Al Pacino, you're the best and it was a very much deserved win! You are a phenomenal actor and worked for all of your success!

suzana hazzan says:

Love you Al!

Autumn Leaf says:

These were the great years of Oscars

Gin Lamperouge says:

I love him ❤?

Miguel Angel Copley says:

Guía actor it's pro-gay, pro-bad, pro-satanic, tus devils pay, but your sould go in The hell

Luis Fernando Vásquez C says:

Excelente Al!

Levien Bastiaan says:

haha look at downey jr his face when al pacino wins haha

Sierra says:

downy jr was doped out! XD

free lunch says:

On decibels, this was most outrageously outstanding.

Ana Finn says:

How pathetic he won for this and not for GF 1 and 2, Serpico or Dog Day Afternoon. Academy is a big joke.

The People Vs Marc Dillon says:

He should've gotten it for The Godfather 2, Dog Day Afternoon & And Justice For All

Roberto Goy says:

Unico!!! Il miglior attore di tutti i tempi!!!

Lovinglife forreAal says:

That girl presenter looks creepy.

Rahul Shome says:

Well deserved. Al also should’ve won an Oscar for The Godfather Part 2

Humza Khan says:

Well deserved standing ovation

C.E Nour mohamed says:

He won for his speech in t.s.o.w but had to write a one for the win lol … Crazy AL .

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