Ahsoka & Rex Update! Ahsoka Series & The Bad Batch Rumors

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I share a update on Ahsoka and Rex in The Ahsoka series and in The Bad Batch.

Thanks for watching and may the force be with you!

– Mike

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Vaiser 185 says:

I really hope they don’t kill Rex. You can’t do that to him. Literally everyone loves him and to have killed off………

“It’s treason then.”

Luis Manuel says:

I hope Ahsoka and rex met up aging that would be amazing

boky popovic says:

Ahsoka is definitely my all time favourite Star Wars character, but I mostly don't see her fit into the Bad Batch. Maybe they'll find her on one of the planets she was prior to joining the Rebellion in the Ahsoka Novel, and that would cover it for one, perhaps two episodes.

Łuki says:

Ahsoka and Rex changed directions after The Siege of Mandalore. So seeing only Rex makes sense.

johnmichael2692 says:

Looking forward to both of these shows as long as ahsoka and Rex and all there surviving friends stay alive by all means
Also for ahsoka possibly appearing in the bad batch it’s possible, it could happen after the events of ahsokas book and maybe she might meet and team up with the bad batch team which would be fun and great to see, hopefully the bad batch will be able to survive and escape the empire too that way Rex indeed does have more surviving clone trooper brothers

Grant Ward says:

I can’t wait for this! Great speculation.

Oliver Wilson says:

I would love to see Rex in live action

Wild Dreams says:

all i wanna see is ahsoka in the bad batch
she doesnt have to be involved into the major happenings of that show
but this is somewhat supposed to be the clone wars sequel so i just want to see everyone, ahsoka, yoda, obi wan, vader, in their new situations after all these terrible, devastating events
its such a must have content for star wars fans and if it isnt featured in the bad batch, it should be something on its own

Rex says:

I really hope we see Rex, and Ahsoka together in the Ahsoka series. That would make me so happy.

Cameron Kiesser says:

Ahsoka is a cash cow. Fucking of course, eventually. Though the show is the Bad Batch, it doesn't have to stay on them on every episode, just like how Clone Wars branched off as well.

As for Tem as Rex. Count me in. I need to see that.

luis ojeda says:

I hope Captain Rex could be in Ahsoka series

Chuck says:

I hope we find out what happens to Cody

jetblast190 says:

Imagine a flashback of Rex and other clones, perhaps Cody, or Wolfe and Gregor. So just like a clone-centric episode of TCW was essentially Dee Bradley Baker talking to himself, this would be Temuera Morrison acting with himself.

Regardless…what’s better than Captain Rex? More Captain Rex, and I’ll take all I can get! 👍

– Rich

EZNF 98 says:

While it would be cool, if there are many versions of clones in multiple live action shows across different points in time it will definitely confuse people, honestly im still hoping tge news that rebels sequel was canceled isnt true and ahsoka is a prequel to the sequel

Mary Furse says:

Going out on a limb here, but maybe Bad Batch is a chance to at least give a cameo to some Republic Commando characters. At this time, Clan Skirata was hunting down a cure for the accelerated aging and providing sanctuary to clones who wanted something other than the life that was chosen for them. It would be really cool to see that story tied in.

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