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Our best-tasting recipe yet, which isn’t saying much. We show you how to cook a pizza that tastes exactly like the movie After Earth. Don’t ever make this, though, and if you do, for the love of god, don’t eat it.

What twist would you add to this recipe to make it taste even more like the movie? What movie would you like to see us create a recipe for?

New sins video tomorrow!

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stuff singing says:

This reminds me of how to
The egg, leg, feet, fish fetidh dude

Tacomaster Studios says:

Who else likes the original recipes better than the modern ones with real chefs?

iBroke Utube says:

1:28 you can see will smith's head poking out of the right side of the pizza. completely untouched.

Penguin Taco Queen says:

Why did the pizza actually look good?

Mija Moynihan says:

Will smith crust

Michael Johnson says:

OMG! I'm not the only one who puts aluminum foil under my stove's heating elements. I guess it's not a Cincinnati thing. Thanks, mom!

Psiberzerker says:

Used the Hormel brand "Original" pepperoni, for even more authenticity.

D. N. says:

I miss these videos

Badger says:

i was hoping for this to be legit

ArachnidAsh says:

the cigarettes!!! XD XD XD

Adela Estrella says:

Wheat pizza dough,pizza suace,peparoni,motzarlla and chile powder equals after earth pizza

Marisela Monte says:

The lego movie!!!

Cuttlefish Empire says:

Ya know this would be vaguely edible without the dirt and broken disc shards

Philipp Tapsell says:

This has got to be the least edible movie recipe I've seen so far XD

Bob Marley says:

Doesn't plastic give off toxic fumes when burnt or somethin'?

Sarah Barker says:

You know what's funny? I'm eating pizza while watching this.

Noly Rson says:

I'm pretty hungry right now I'd probably eat that it doesn't look too bad

Gabriel Hernández says:

You forgot to cook it on an angle.

Preston Smith says:

change the movie into pizza crust and then it wouldnt be bad

MoltenSkies Terminus says:

please make more of these episodes!

MikkiJoeRingtail says:

These are amazing. How did I not know about this?

Andrew Reegs says:

Liek iF u r watching in 2037

EXcentriX says:

Is this "How to basic"

A Small Rock says:

Is this howtobasic for movies?

Jennifer Zhu says:

why all the lit cigarettes?

trans teen says:

Is just like to point out that if u watch the after earth movie look really close when will and his son are fighting and his son is on the hill screaming look behind him at the mountain that is off to the left there is a car that drives past like no joke

Cbr Cruz says:

Secret ingredient: negroes

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