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M. Night Shyamalan returns to the directors chair to bring us “After Earth”. A futuristic Sci-Fi about an emotionless father and son who crash land on a planet, then get some bonding time while the son journeys the harsh wilderness. Jeremy gives you his review of “After Earth”.

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Cormandine says:

Enemy Mine.

Bimal Garg says:

watch COHERENCE: like right now

Chasing Chickens says:

Omg Jeremy was right, this movie is a borefest. 20 mins in I feel like not watching and just prefer to sleep.

Tilden Corbett says:

M. Night IS indeed a Genius. He just needs to stick with what makes him GREAT. How can someone who wrote, produced, and directed The 6th Sense be as bad as most people are making him out to be. [and he is no one hit wonder – Signs, Unbreakable, The Village, were all great movies]. As we can see by his last 2 movies, he's getting back to form… so rejoice. Yes, he's made mistakes in his field, but, who among us have not. Let M. Night be an inspiration; in that, you should just do YOU and not what everyone thinks you should do. Because if you can't be true to yourself how can you be truly TRUE to anyone else!

se7en says:

Its propaganda for Scientology.

AManWithAUsername says:

I almost like this movie but as the movie progress, it went to shit and it was boring so I gave it a 1/10

Marion Hinzman says:

When asked to do Star Wars Samuel Jackson who plays Mace Windu asked if he could have a purple lightsaber and he was initially denied and then later on they decided to give him a purple lightsaber which means that the people who made the Star Wars prequels gave Mace Windu a grape flavored lightsaber

Abel Mantor says:

My favorite part of this movie is zzzzzzzzz?

Ian macAllister says:

Why would I cover my ears when I could mute the video ?

GORR iLAz says:

Planet of the apes 1968

Jackstratts Afcb says:

I actually liked this film

AE Pulsar says:

This movie is actually good

Felix Weinlinger says:

After star wars doctor who is my favorite

Chris Corley says:

I liked this film, and much better than average sci-fi format. Good action movie content for family night, etc. One of my favorites by Shyamalan. ☕?

S.S .A says:

Jaden Smith needs to quit acting

Izaya Workman says:

it is a TV show but Fire Fly

Rex67Diego9 fandub says:

does how to train your dragon counts as sci fi? cause thats one of my favorite movie of all time

Owen Buckner says:

favorite sci-fi movie that isn't Star wars and Star trek is Alien. back to the future doesn't really count, even though that's my favorite movie of all time.

Spencer Anderson says:

@jeremy jahns can you review unbreakable?

CorRekt says:


Ethan Holgate says:

Close in counters of the third

Break Free says:


Athena Jaxon says:

Honestly the only part I liked was when Will Smith stood at the end of the movie to show respect for his son even though he was injured other than that this movie was way too over dramatic and Jaden Smith sucked

Will Cooper says:

10 Cloverfield Lane comes to mind as my favorite non-Star Wras, non-Star Trek Sci-Fi movie. Of course I am a stupid kid who hasn't seen movies like Alien or 2001: A Space Odyssey…

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