AD ASTRA Official Trailer (2019) Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones Adventure Movie HD

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AD ASTRA Official Trailer (2019) Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones Adventure Movie HD

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An astronaut travels to the outer edges of the solar system to find his father and unravel a mystery that threatens the survival of our planet. He uncovers secrets which challenge the nature of human existence and our place in the cosmos.

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Noman Sarwar says:

the music from 1:43 is guess copied from Pakistani movie teaser called The Legend of Maula jutt. its surprising

ㅤㅤ says:

Teh first rule about space is, oh wait.

Tracy Hutchings says:


Abdulkadir Enes Kıral says:

o değilde. adam yaşlanmış be. reyis yaşlanmış. koskoca bretpit. genç kızların sevgilisi. vay bee. kahpe dünya.

Schuriken says:

Someone tell Tommy Lee Jones he's in this movie.

Anene Tochukwu says:

Search for Beethoven like never before and thank me later

Yuvraj Zala says:

Chris and Tessa are coming to get his old MIB colleague. Brad can contact them…

Joe Francis says:

Donald Sutherland, eh? Are we finally going to find out what happened to Oddball?

ken gruz says:

Nice short film. Wondering if I need to see the long one. Then again, Donald Sutherland's in it, so, I'm there. Should be called "Cowboys In Space", though, by the looks of it.

Shamgar Israel says:

I dont understand the purpose of the film, if Pitt locates the lost ship, what is suppose to happen then?

Zil Co says:

Only just realized, It’s weird that McConaughey made it to outer space before Brad Pitt did.. 🤔😂🤣😎

Renaldo Matadeen says:

Someone needs to shoot War Machine into space now

Kanta Rion says:

Crap movie boosted with famous actors. So probably one of their worse roles and worse movies..
And btw those space movies arent popular anymore on flat earth xD

Ants Arktis says:

"good" job on getting the basic physics right. You don't start falling to earth if you let go of the space elevator, that's how geosynchronous sattelites stay in orbit. This movie messes up basic orbital physics hile trying to be a space movie… "nice" job

Je Je says:

i intend to watch the shit out of this

Brad Perry says:

Armageddon Part 2

Joe Smith says:

Liv Tyler FTW

XxBluntmanxX420 says:

For a second i thought we getting a space cowboy sequel

Ted Cleveland says:

so technically brad was not allowed to work when he was married, now we see him again after divorce…love sucks

Charles Hale says:

Its Apocalypse Now in space

Gun Tech. says:

Are semi-old actors say in their mid 30s really that hard to find? All through this I just thought old actors close to retirement with a 70/80yos co-starring… just thinking there might be some, any, actor ready and able to speak lines and blow shit up in space 😛 If the story had a thought to it, it didn't share it in the trailer…

Maiden Aust says:

From the makers of Interstellar and Armageddon comes…the same movie. Now with Brad Pitt

Nelson's Wings says:

I hope that was a space elevator in the opening scenes. But if it was, they didn't get the orbital mechanics right. It would have to extend way past geosync altitude, but it looked like he was near the top, and from the size and curvature of the earth, way to low.

Raymond Pittman says:

Will not beat Interstellar.

Marcel Rüttimann says:

Is this made in the same studio as 1969?


The microship is coming guys!.Did you wacth the scene where it appears

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