A Rant on Annoying Moviegoers

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Chris Stuckmann gives you his thoughts on the texters, talkers, seat-kickers, throwers and all-around annoying idiots in the movie theaters these days.


kent the puffle says:

I like the people who laugh appropriately and gasp or sometimes cheer at the right times. I feel it makes it a better experience while watching the movie. But the people who constantly do these things all the time at akwards moments are really annoying

MonkeyShinesu says:

I might actually snap and murder someone if I had to endure this.

Nanu Lee says:

Hey Chris if I am security I promise if i was a sercuity guard I would keep kare of those ass holes

Split wood gaming says:

Every time I'm extremely excited for a marvel movie it gets ruined by children

Dragonfist900 says:

Me and my best friend went to see Logan in the theater; there were at least 20 not even middle schoolers in that auditorium and they kept talking; we just took it, but we ranted about it in my review of the film

Baby Names Buzz says:

my family (me, my sister, my mom and dad) went to the sequel to alice in wonderland and there was a birthday party of 12 year old girls and their parents who talked through the entire movie full volume, After the movie , my dad approached the other dad and dad and told him it wasnt cool they were talking the entire time and I SWEAR TO GOD the other dead put my dad in a vice grip and my dad had to punch him to get away!!!!!!!!! My dad got the other guy's blood on his shirt and when the cops showed up the dad ran out of the theater and across the street to get away!!!!!!

Courtney Himes says:

Amen! My husband and I were watching IT in the theater when this couple directly behind us were talking loudly through the movie. My husband eventually asked them to be quiet and the woman mouthed off to him. My husband went and got the manager who came in and asked them to stop talking. They mouthed off to her as well. She told them they would need to behave or would be asked to leave. That still didn’t work because the lady could not control herself and they were escorted out. I was convinced the man was going to put his hands on my husband as he got up but fortunately he made the only good choice of the night and left without any additional problems. People suck sometimes! I don’t understand why it’s so hard to shut up, stuff your face with some popcorn and enjoy the show.

dalinkwent202 says:

I just don’t understand why ppl can’t just watch a movie. Laser pointers on the screen, talking, facebooking, huge bags of food and a pile of trash left all over the seat after.

And trust, this behavior comes from ALL colors of ppl, from every economic background.

How the hell do you pay all that money for something you don’t even watch?

Swave says:

The story you told about the house at the end of the street reminds me of that scene in scary movie

Grant Polifka says:

The one horrible theater experience I can think of is actually a small one. I went to see Man of Steel with my dad and brothers and these two high school senior aged guys were right behind me. In the scene where Zod says he has a duty to his people, they joked about the fact that Zod said the word duty. What an example of maturity. But they were quiet for the rest of the film except for the occasional laugh, which didn't bother me.

Dominique Hebert says:

I know this is an old rant, but it is still so relevant! I get pretty good audiences, but my pet peeve is people looking at their cell phones during movies. The light from the phones is SO distracting, SO bright and the person can be rows away from you and thus asking them to not do that would disturb the theatre even more…I wish there was a staff member in the back row of the theatre who could just toss those folks out:)

buffydowney1987 says:

Here is my list of annoying moviegoers moments in my life:
The Amazing Spider-Man: Me and my older brother, Corey go in and see that the theater is packed so we sit in front of a couple and their two young kids. The older kid(3-4) kept getting up from his chair and walked by the stairs and then back to his chair every 5 minutes and the youngest(baby) kept crying the whole time. After 30 minutes into the movie(the part where Peter goes to Dr. Conner's house), Corey tells me let's go and we left. Thank God that was our 3rd time seeing the movie because I would've been mad if that was the first time seeing it.
The Wolf of Wall Street: There were two different groups during this. One was a couple who brought their 2 young kids(one was a 3 year old little girl, one a baby), which first of all out of all the movies to take your kids to, you picked a movie that was Rated R for sequences of strong sexual content, graphic nudity, drug use, language throughout and for some violence, great parenting. Anyway, the little girl kept running around the theater like it was a McDonald's playground and kept touching the screen and the parents did nothing, again great parenting. Fortunately someone went out and got the manager and when the dad saw that the manager was in the room, he finally tells his daughter to come here. The manager told them that if they couldn't keep their daughter under control, they would have to leave. Of course, the little girl couldn't stay still and they were asked to leave. The second group involved a group of teenage boys sitting behind me and my brothers that made a lot of noise. First, one of their phones goes off in the beginning of the film and one of them said "Dude, maybe you should turn your phone off." Then every time Margot Robbie appeared, they kept saying "Oh my god, she's so hot." Finally about 45 minutes left in the movie, my younger brother, Marshall, turns around and tells them to shut up.
Moonlight: Me, my brother, Tyler, my sister, Shea and Tyler's fiancee, Crystal see the movie and in the beginning, it wasn't too bad. However about 30-45 minutes in the movie, a couple walks in and the guy just screams "WOO'' like he was about to watch Star Wars and they sit down a couple of seats behind us. The rest of time, they did the most annoying things, like the girlfriend is taking selfies of herself and the guy kept falling asleep and you could hear him snoring every now and again. Me and Shea kept quietly laughing and we're like is this really happening? Poor Tyler out of all of us was the most annoyed with him walking out of the theater a total of 3 times in order to keep his composure. When he came back a 3rd time however right when he was about to sit down, the movie was over and he got pissed and walk out. Crystal turned around and asked them "Did you have a nice nap?" And the lady went "What?" and Crystal said it again in Spanish and the lady goes "Si." As we're walking out to the car, Tyler looks at the movie theater door, he sees the same couple from the movie sitting on the bench and we realize they were movie hopping. Tyler goes "Oh that's it!" and we went back in the theater and told the manager about the movie hopping couple and we got free tickets for our next movie.
Daddy's Home 2: It was my birthday and after we had dinner at Olive Garden, a group of us(me, Corey, Marshall, my boyfriend, Sean, my sister, Laurie, her kids, Mason and Hannah, Mason's girlfriend, Heleina and Mason's friend, Rhett) went to see this movie. During the previews, a group of obnoxious teenagers kept laughing really loud and making a bunch of noise. During a preview of The Greatest Showman, a man sitting behind me and Sean told the kids "Can you please be quiet? We can't hear the previews." Of course the kids wouldn't shut up and Laurie was like "Oh hell no" and she walked out and got the manager. A manager came and asked them to leave and they literally walked out right when the Paramount Pictures logo showed up. As soon as the last kid walked out, everyone in the theater applauded.
Most awkward moment: Spider-Man 3: A kid was walking down the stairs and he tripped and fell and hit the floor so hard that everyone looked away from the movie just to make he was alright. He was and everyone went back to the movie.
The Most Random Moment: The Brothers Grimsby: A woman said to her kids in the middle of the movie, "You kids are never picking a movie again." I laughed at that more than the actual movie.

TheHollywoodundead43 says:

These moviegoers, which have to laugh to compensate their fear in horror movies. I hate them. I wanna feel the fear, I wanna battle against it, I wanna sink into the atmosphere, but these people ruin the experience every time! I'm tired of this shit

Santtu Suominen says:

For some reason I have never had these things happen to me.

Joe Medeiros says:

I hate when people talk in the movies

Faulty Blue says:

It’s so damn annoying when you go with your parents, they ask you all these questions for something that was explained, the worst part for me is that my mom falls asleep during the talking (which are usually the most informative) parts and proceeds to ask me why something happened when it was explained 3 minutes ago

Acelyn McKenzie says:

Maybe not go to Hood theaters?

Smelly Wafflez says:

Those fuckers still exist. I watched Coco and the two guys we’re doing the same thing (It’s kind of my fault because I didn’t say anything because I am a pussy). I know it’s not the end of the world I know but shut the fuck up please? It’s not a difficult task to do

Macrowave says:

It's horrible story. Sometimes I wonder if being nice and decent can ever win complete degenerates. And also frustrated by thinking less nice, target specific rather practical way to show your point on those who don't deserve decent one would get you in legal trouble. Not just movie experience, but in more general sense.
Funny thing is, a lot those people do not only care about anyone else, they get offended and triggered in advance when someone tries to tell them it's not cool. And they do their best to win their stupid little game like they're competing for alpha ground of an animal horde. Making everyone involved including themselves look like bunch of morons and they don't care or notice. Ignorance is bliss hell yeah.

Brady Kristoff says:

You legit can't be nice about it. Then they see you as weak and will just laugh and keep talking. You have to either harshly shush them or legit snap at them to shut their mouths. I almost choked this woman during my second Last Jedi showing because she was legit screaming at the screen as loudly as she could. I legit shouted over at her, after an hour and ten minutes of me and others shushing her, "IF YOU'RE GONNA TALK THROUGH THE WHOLE MOVIE THEN GET OUT!" and I actually had people say "Thank you!" to me because I was the one who actually told this dumb bitch to shut her trap! Just shut up it's not that hard to be quiet for 2 measley hours!

Vazdog Productions says:

I stand in solidarity with you Chris. This is bullshit.

Vanishing Stone says:

I hate people telling the characters in movies what to do or not to do. As if they didn´t have to act according to the script. This world is full of the dumbest people imaginable.

Trinity Prothro says:

2 drunk chicks sat 2 seats away from me when I saw Insidious 4. It was horrible. They actually turned on their cellphone flashlights to look for something they dropped. They were talking out loud, cellphones full brightness, opening alcohol bottles. Thank god they left right before the final scare.

Çağatay Sunal says:

I go to movies with such friends so I can punch them in the face with a valid casus belli.

despicablejs 1.0 says:

I remember when i went to see power rangers last year with my grandma and my cousin and through out the whole movie two 12 year old girls were talking through out the previews and the movie, im not gonna lie, i wanted to tell them to be quite but i didn't really mind sense the speakers friken loud, and i was a little shy

Alan Cas says:

If this goon tells me 'can you please stop talking' i would knock his braces out foh. I paid for the movie ticket . Foh

Average Joe says:

Go to the manager as soon as it starts and tell the staff what is happening. They will stop it. If they don’t, go to another theatre.

Thiago Aguirre says:

When I saw The last Jedi, a guy on the row in front of mine was SNORING during barely the WHOLE MOVIE.

Tobito TV says:

I know how you feel. The worst thing is that the person constantly talking besides me was one of my friends who watched the movie with me.
She constantly talked about what was happening and how it remembered her of a meme she saw a few weeks back and I was just thinking "For gods sake shut up or you won't have a mouth to shut anymore.". I tried telling her but she either didn't hear it or she ignored it. Idk and Idc.
After the movie (Spiderman: Homecoming the movie I was looking forward too almost as much as Star Wars TLJ) I told her that she was fucking annoying all throughout the movie.
What is her response? A friend I've had since kindergarden. She begins laughing and makes fun of it and in the end after I ask her to next time please just stay quiet says no.
I. Was. Furious. The worst thing?
The next movie I watched with her was The Last Jedi. And she kept her promise and talked. She talked throughout a fucking Star Wars movie. If it weren't against the law and if it wouldn't have disturbed others I would have straight punched her in the face multiple times and then would have thrown her on the stairs telling to "*SHUT THE FUCK UP!*".
Obviously I didn't but I was screaming in anger and not only because I was at the moment were (kinda) SPOILERS

Leia seemingly dies at the beginning of the movie. While I was sitting in my seat completly shocked trying to cope with Leia seemingly having died I can hear her saying with a bit of laughter in her voice "… mouth is still open.".
The way she said it with this slight laughter imidiatly told me Leia was gonna survive it. Though I was a bit relieved I was also furious that she basically spoiled it with talking all throughout the movie.
If the movid didn't grasp me that hars at like the half way point I would have stayed angry at her for a very long while.

Androo Gnoix says:

I rarely have problems with theater experiences. And when the problems happen they not that big of a deal either. Don’t know what got these people to be unfortunate

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