90-year-old Indiana drug mule may be memorialized by Clint Eastwood

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ABC7’s I-Team first reported on the world’s oldest drug mule in 2012. Now the story of Leo Drug


Adam Sadowy says:

Infamous? He is a hero in my book.

Szymon Gbiorczyk says:

I love yours movies Clint. Thank you.

deadly gaming says:

Dude guess what I live in. Indiana I'm telling yah there are shit tones of drugs here

Jill Macchione says:

New Mule for sister Sarah.
I L💜ve Mr Clint Eastwood.
Hope your around much Longer. You always bring us the Best of Everything in Movies behind or in Them your The Real Deal your Wonderful.
✌💜💪🙏. Big Squeeeza much
L💜ve. Thank you.

Rasputin says:

"Imprisoned"? Dang, now I know how the movie ends.

Matias Gutierrez says:

Most ppl don't fuck with sinaloa cartel or if they do don't live to tell the tale

Wan Luqman says:

Same age n just as gnarly

knightfall209 says:

Wow and Clint wants to play him how’s that for bragging at the barber shop!

Haroon Abdullah says:

The Mule Trailer brought me here

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