9 Shocking Hidden Messages In Disney Movies

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Here Are 9 Disney Movie Secrets You’ve Never Seen
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It’s fair to say that in the world of animated films, Disney and Pixar will always be the dream jobs of most animators and storytellers. And once they get there, the men and women of the studio are eager to show their love for older films, or new ones still under development. The easiest way? By planting clues, easter eggs, and secret shout-outs within their very own movies. Here are Screen Rant’s 9 Hidden Messages in Disney Movies.

Script by: Andrew Dyce @andrewbdyce

Voice Over by: Ryan George @TheRyanGeorge

1. Aladdin | 0:33
2. Big Hero 6 | 0:58
3. Brother Bear | 1:28
4. Lilo & Stitch | 1:50
5. The Princess And The Frog | 2:14
6. Robin Hood | 2:48
7. Cars | 3:13
8. Wreck-It Ralph | 3:39
9. Tangled | 4:06

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zachary painter says:

So you guys are probably heard this come up so many times when you guys are talking about the number 95 it wasn't in Toy Story 2 is in Toy Story 3 on the front of the train and Toy Story 2 it was like in the video game system that was the opening thing where Rex is playing the Buzz Lightyear video game and in Toy Story 3 was when it was the opening Wild West type of theme with the train and all that and it was said I believe around 3:30 into your video

nitox 819 says:

omg i'm ten and i love that old animated robin hood i still love it

Chucky Witters says:

Hay at the cop seen in big herao 6 theres a wanted sighn of the boy with riposil

Funvidios Scatup says:

I will say this is not relevant to the video but I can’t watch this because it is New Year’s Eve and they are setting off practice fireworks for the midnight show and I live near where they set them off… well at least I am pretty sure they are practice fireworks unless it has started already

R - JET says:

how you edit the videos without getting copyright bro and which softwarer you use

Edwin Rolando Borrallos says:

He didn't see the spinning weel on Rapunzel tower form

Super Spike05!! says:

You said ten but it said nine

Derek Ferrell says:

Also the little kid in toy story 3 has a lightning maqueen

Bobby Hunter says:

I never new that diseys Annamaded fimls where soo gross I never seen all those things now I no why my dad doesn't like me whacthing cartoons

I Hate 2D Animation Profile Pictures says:

Brother Bear was Great

Rolling Egg says:

i thought she was hawiian

girls squad says:

I love tangled it has two secret .

TheRedScout 332 says:

At 4:00 theres bowser and doc. Robotnik

Cynthia Corral says:

It's says top 9 but they said top 10

RoyalGianni2000 says:

Pause at 1:27 and look closely on the desk and you’ll see the lady from the pet store from bolt

Emily Hagarman says:

In Big Hero 6 the police officer sene, behind the cop there is a board, and on that board there is a wanted sign probably from Tangled.

Carter 2.0 says:

The train with the number 95 on it is from toy story 3 not 2

Xo FruitLoops Xo says:

In big hero 6 in the background it shows flinn rider on the wanted sign

gamer aaliyah says:

They were singing a song about dreams they both had dreams to be a real boy and to be accepted

Professor Ape says:

I have a therory

crepperman dude says:

Wait if it 10 but it9

New York Rose says:

I noticed in the movie Secret Life of Pets they told us all about the movie Sing when they was on the highway you could see that the next movie would be Sing would be next on the back of a truck

Kai Hollander says:

If I am not mistaken the background artist for Lilo and Stitch did a lot of work for Mulan.

•LilyFireheart53 • says:

In the police scene in Big Hero 6 there was also a wanted poster for Flynn Rider ( ? it's been a while since I watched Tangled)

Michele Dickerson says:

On the book shelf there's also a copy of the little mermaid from the princess and the frog

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