24 Reasons The Matrix & The Lego Movie Are The Same Movie

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apple says:

its cause they both follow the heros journey.

Slash Kub says:

Is this not common knowledge

Luigi Marinus 2 says:

At the end of the lego movie lord B ussiness was still alive

Luigi Marinus 2 says:

24 reasons chicken little and the peanuts movie are the same

just another brit says:

Literally the first four comments are by verified accounts that probably have some connections to this account and promo'd account.
Update: yeah, they have connections

Billy Booze says:

Not only me huh? 😀

Mrbandit81 says:

Interesting theory right there…..

Laura Hahn says:

I don’t know why he hate gay ppl..

Jacob Hanshew says:

The Matrix=The LEGO Movie
The LEGO Movie=Guardians of the Galaxy
Does that mean The Matrix=Guardians of the Galaxy

Dovacraft says:

I already knew this, I saw theories that the Lego movie is similar to gardians of the galaxy just because the main character is voiced by Chris Pratt and I see no other connection other than that

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