24 Reasons Cinderella & Coming To America Are The Same Movie

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24 Reasons Cinderella & Coming To America Are The Same Movie

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Will Lyon says:

24 reasons Ever After and Cinderella 2015 are diffrent movies

psifla says:

Interesting. Still, I love them both. And there is a marked difference between Cleo McDowell and Lady Tremaine. Note that when King Jaffe offers him $2 million as "compensation", he tears it up and tells him to stop insulting his daughter. And when Lisa directly challenges him for pointing her towards rich guys, he simply replies, "I just don't want you to have to struggle the way your mother and I did." Heartwarming, actually.

ERBOCH says:


Nims :3 says:

finally, he did movies ive seen before

The Lion says:

Too bad you couldn't put the "sexual chocolate" on there… ???

jack Russel says:

that was hysterical

UrbanProfessor says:

You might as well have done all about the Benjamin's and money talks. Hello Charlie Sheen. He is in Cadence and you know what to do with that…

La Dulce Papito says:

idk why i didnt know sooner that coming to america was where timothydelaghetto got his outro from lol

Jack George says:

when The Force Awakens is on DVD, please do '24 Reasons The Force Awakens and The Lego Movie Are The Same'
1) guy betrays what is considered normal in his culture
2) he meets a girl who is 'different' and has a shady past
3) he also learns there is a group of 'different' people
4) they meet an old guy who has had adventures in the past

Star Wars Story says:

Please Do The Mask = Bruce Almighty

Jim Carrey plays 2 'unappreciated at work' characters who try to do the right thing then end up getting Godly Powers. Thats all I got 😛

Sam Copsey says:

How about Mad Max Fury Road and Rango are the same movie

cardsharp1651 says:

Every last one of your videos is legitimate genius. For comedy and film correlation. Keep at it.

SmashLiXs says:

how many comparisons can you see with lego movie & guardians of the galaxy? my favorite movies of 2014 along with how to train your dragon 2

Blu-Jay says:

do 24 reasons why breakfast club and Scooby-Doo the mystery begins are the same

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