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2018 OSCAR NOMINATIONS – WHY THE OSCARS MATTER AND WHY THEY DON’T – What’s trending now on the internet is even more Celebrity News as we discuss the 2018 Academy Awards and the Nominees, as we go from Nomination category to another, discussing all the genres of film up for rewarding. On top of that, we also discuss more potential red carpet news as well as what’s trending in Hollywood, as we give our reaction to the state of movie going, and review whether or not the Oscars are important, all within this funny video so sit back, enjoy, and let the Double Toasted podcast know what you think about the Oscars in the comment section below this funny video!

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The Weekly Roast and Toast – 1-23-18


ComicBookGuy Henderson says:

get out is so overrated

Dante Barcenas says:

I´m down with this years nominations……… BUT WHERE THE FUCK IS BLADE RUNNER AT!!!!!??? SERIOUSLY! no best picture or director nominees?

TheReccher says:

Screenwriting is not a major category? What? The reason we watch movies is story and characters. Your screenplay is everything. It is the category. If a film is poorly written, it doesn't matter if everything else is god-tier. The movie will be shit.

Kori Delpino says:

Other superhero films that won oscars. Superman the movie(1978)-achievement in special effects, Batman(1989)-art design, Spider Man 2(2004)-best visual effects.

NAVEMAN3 says:

So far most people are pissed at the animated catagory mostly cause while Coco deserves it, Boss Baby does not!!! Give the Japanese animation a fucking chance!

Tj Thomas says:

Did y'all ever see girls trip

afroallura says:

I'm mostly pissed off at Your Name being snubbed, but what else is new. Also, dying at Martin. "NOT THE HASHTAGS!!!"

Ray Deathray says:

Ferdinand is there just to make Oscar nominations literal bullshit

Toxic-Pop says:

So "social progress" is more important than quality and merit ?

Josue Jimenez says:

They matter, not a lot but they do matter.

mew10521 says:

what did Sam Rockwell character do that is so controversial?

Charlie_Willie says:

"Gotta get wet to get wet!" – Sally Hawkins

DragonBat362 says:

Can you believe James Mcavoy didn’t get a Best Actor nom for Split?!

Roei Potash AKA Poihpio says:


foosheezoo says:

I was expecting Good Time to get an Oscar nomination tbh

Robert Butler says:

They couldn't nominate Phantom Thread for Best Cinematography because it didn't have a cinematographer. Paul Thomas Anderson shot it himself, with the lighting and camera people assisting him.

WesIsaLeo says:

To hell w/ the god-damned Oscars. That goes a thousand-fold for the Grammy's.

Nothing but a popularity and/or politically-correct contest more often than not. Sometimes they get it right. Most often they give Jim Lefebvre the Rookie of the Year Award over Joe Morgan. That's the academy voters for you…clueless.

Some of the best films – directed or written – actors have never been nominated much less had a chance to win.

spaceboy2095 says:

So nobody cares about Detroit being totally ignored? And I knew this was to happen but the best American movie of this year is and will still be in many years to come : mother!
Just saying…

Will says:

Where is James McAvoy for Split or Anya Taylor Joy?!!

XRJ92 says:

I'm still mad about The Dark Knight's Best Picture snub too. That's my all time favorite film now.

Call me KENNETH! says:

Bunch of uber rich narcissistic pissflaps of all colours and creeds fellating themselves for a few hours! Meryll Streep overrated?? I say they ALL are!

Upful Soul says:

A film is either good or it isn't. It shouldn't be nominated solely because it reflects some diversity.

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