1922 – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews 1922, starring Thomas Jane, Molly Parker, Dylan Schmid, Kaitlyn Bernard, Neal McDonough. Directed by Zak Hilditch.


Tyler Durden says:

"suspenseful" and "riveting" ? Which part, Chris? The movie was a drag! Name a scene in that movie that got you sitting on the edge of your seat? Also, just because a guy can talk a southern accent with a clenched jaw, doesn't mean it's good acting.
"Guy kills his wife, he goes crazy." There… that's the whole friggin movie. Terrible. I'd give it C-

T doe says:


ThomeTeque says:

Will you review Spectral?

KeizerSoze says:

I thought this was a show

Giuliano Marconi says:

you look like paul rudd

Mario world N.Y says:

Excellent film, just seen it. I haven't seen much of Thomas Jane's work but it's definitely the best performance I've seen from him. I wish he would get an award for it.

Sherk Swag says:

I loved these movie

Yosh Monster says:

Dude what are you talking about this movie was beyond awesome. The It movie is honestly not scary but this is great. It's not scary it's unsettling and I think that's the best kind of horror.

Chris_Emiliano says:

This movie.. I loved it

Beyounder The Terminator says:

Is this connected to IT?

daniel hovell says:

Brilliant film

Hb 2N says:

“Dumb” is clearly subjective. Any man that has to kill a bitch just to keep land isn’t that bright, there’s other ways.

FireHawk 1927 says:

Does anyone else get a Children of the Corn vibe? I haven't read the short story yet though.

FireHawk 1927 says:

Plot twist: Simon is the second child

Ma - Leader of the Illuminati says:

Chris is really nice to movies but that's probably because he loves movies so much.

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