10 Shockingly Offensive Messages Hidden In KIDS MOVIES You Love

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Here are 10 children’s film moments that are racially offensive!
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Kids movies, by their very nature, are generally quite lighthearted and innocent. Anything that’s aimed at the younger generation should have as little offensive material in it as possible – but that’s not always the case.Disney in particular – as you’ll see in this video – are guilty of some truly terrible racism. Granted, most of the movies in this video are quite old – so it’s a tiny bit more understandable – but there are some modern movies – both Disney and non-Disney – that have some really shocking racism and racial stereotyping in them. In recent times, Disney have become known for their sensitivity and awareness about being politically correct. This year, for example, they’ve tried to tackle the subject of racism quite admirably in Zootopia, but other movies can’t say the same.So, let’s take a look at ten offensively racist moments in kids movies that you never noticed.

Script by: Kevin Stewart

Voice Over by: Ryan George http://twitter.com/theryangeorge

Despicable Me 2 | 0:50
Happy Feet | 1:33
Fantastia | 2:11
Dumbo | 2:44
Song Of The South | 3:20
Peter Pan | 3:55
Lady And The Tramp | 4:41
The Little Mermaid | 5:21
The Jungle Book | 5:55
Aladdin | 6:34

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Icy Dice says:

came here just to dislike this video, k bye!

Dabbing Titan says:

I'm arab descent and I don't find Aladdin racist at all. Hell, I watch allahuakbar vines. We all know its just a joke, this is why first world countries are becoming jokes.

Ross Kemp says:

This is cucked.

Rock & Mirty says:

Good god get this cuck a frickin tampon

Tra Lalala says:

So, in summary:
all other races except white people can never be the bad guy ever or its racist,
No other races of people can ever have bad qualities or traits or thats racist,
Can never portray a person of another race being of another culture, or it's racist because not every person of that race partakes in that culture or does it in the same way, but also,
No other races seeming too "whiteish" or thats racist and whitewashing them,
No accents or it's racist,
No having an animal being voiced by a person that happens to have a skin color that correlates with the animals fur, or feather color either by coincidence or on purpose or thats racist,
No apes, ever period or its racist,
No white people partaking in other cultures or it's racist,
Make sure the cast is diverse bc if theyre all mostly white it's racist, but,
No actually making the diverse people diverse thats racist,
No correlating an animal's character with the origin country's culture bc that is racist,
etc etc etc

Might as well just not even try anymore because apparently anything and everything a white person, group, culture, majority, minority does is racist.

dawak a says:

Siamese cats, have slanted eyes, come from Asia, and are identical in reference to Siamese twins (maybe not the last one)

mauricehayes says:

You are the racist. When you look for racism in everything you find it. Look too many white people. Racism. Look too many colored people. racism. Look colord people playing a bad guy. Racism. Look white people playing bad guy. Racism. Look white people playing a monkey. Racism. Colored people playing monkey. Racism. Woman getting saved sexism. Woman saving a man. Sexism. No matter how it is put together no matter the context. You will say it is racist or sexist in some way. How about this you are racist you are sexist and your guilt about that causes you to see it everywhere. You need to come to terms with your self.

Soum Bhaery says:

2:56 Woow. Crows are not jetblack in real life then???

Peteruspl says:

This vid in short – author imputing his regressive racism into any minor bit he could dig up.

I wonder if he'd read Cicero, would his only take away be about slavery being legal in ancient Rome? Or that Rome was very nicely progressive as most of the slaves were white Slavs, Spaniards, Gauls, Celts etc.

86Corvus says:

Oh god, you are a colosal racist dipshit!

Chad says:

You just got destroyed again

Brandon Hatch says:

Script by: Kevin Stewart? Kevin, you are either an overly committed troll or a massively pathetic CUNT.

Jason McChristian says:

Lame video.

BigTArmada says:

How you say? garbage?

Molecular Poker says:

Wow, what a horribly irrational video. Thank you for screwing up social issues in this country with this type of regressive thinking.

clumpyify says:

it's not racist only in your mind, racism will never stop if you keep looking for problems

foley15136 says:

You’re projecting racism onto these characters. Do you think that when a non-white actor is cast for a part that they’re forced to do it? Black & brown people have no agency? Do you think they’re too fragile to play anything but a perfect hero in a story?

Kimera says:

"Look this gorilla with a white name and voiced by a white guy".
OMG this actually represents Black People, this gorilla is offensive to Black People!, everybody be enraged with me, everything in this gorilla is white, but just trust me on this, this is actually racist against Black People!.

I need you to be angry, say it with me, everything is problematic, I need you to stay angry, you are oppressed and I'm here to protect you.

Belligerent Bull says:

You SJW types complain when other races are added to the lineup but will also complain when other races aren't added to the lineup. Please, for the love of god, make up your damn minds!

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