10 Popular Movie Moments That Happened By Accident

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10 Memorable Movie Scenes that Were Completely Improvised
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There’s no denying that the script is one of the most important aspects of a film. It’s the source of the story, characters, and great lines of dialogue that hopefully will form a strong connection with the audience. But the screenplay is more of a guideline than anything else. There are no rules that state directors and actors need to stick to what’s on the page. Filmmaking is a fluid creative process, and ideas can be thought up on the spot. In fact, some of the most iconic movie moments were ad-libs. Here are 10 memorable movie scenes that were completely improvised.

Script by: Chris Agar

Voice Over by: Benjamin Harris

Edited by: Pasquale Murena

Bad Boys II | 0:30
Django Unchained | 1:00
Aladdin | 1:37
The Empire Strikes Back | 2:16
The Dark Knight Rises | 2:52
Ghostbusters (1984) | 3:22
Casablanca | 4:02
Full Metal Jacket | 4:36
The Wolf of Wall Street | 5:07
Saving Private Ryan | 5:40

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Alexandros Chlorus says:

There is another improvised moment of R. Williams at "Good Will Hunting", in a scene with Matt Damon that he said a short story of him with his wife: My wife used to fart in her sleep.[…]
!!pretty hilarious!! 🙂 🙂

loverock133 says:

That Leo scene….man the guy is GOOD! He deserved an Oscar way before he got one. Love him!

Flowey The Flower says:

I'm still a kid and I still watch South Park American Dad and family Guy

Don Emigholz Jr. says:

Foot shot was my idea, yes stolen. That is what's wrong with Hollywood today.

Britany Mcmackin says:

Correction he cut his hand did the monologue they cut then continued with fake blood for him to smear.

Fernando Escudero says:

You make a list of movie scenes yet you don't leave the sceans on the video. Why not just wright it?

TheDerpyPotatoLord says:

In Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets a scene near the end was improvised.

Shelby Smith says:

DiCaprio actually did get an Oscar nomination for that role. He just lost to his costar Christoph Waltz.

John Dearden says:

What crap dialogue over the opening scenes.

James Finneyfrock says:

Plot twist. she's actually wearing panties…

Dave L says:

*****watch this very funny https://youtu.be/hc_ERVECfDM

Bobby Slater says:

During the filming of "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World", Jonathan Winters was actually slamming Phil Silvers into the gas pump. At one point you can hear Phil say "That's enough!".

Alex Brindley says:

The shining!?

Quinlyn Fitzsimmons says:

You missed the shower scene in St. Elmo’s Fire—the door was not supposed to fall off.

Albert Mas says:

That improvised monologue in Saving Private Ryan reminds me soooo much of his and Robin Williams' one in Good Will Hunting.

ytevla says:

Blood in Keri's face, did anyone think public health?? That is sooo gross.

Joseph Whatley says:

Luke I am your father

I'll be back

Their heree.

You call that a knife?

Dhalin says:

Where's the Jurassic Park scene where the math guy goes "You mean, extinct?" Or the 1960s The Dirty Dozen where Lee Marvin goes "Oh they were involved alright" (talking about prostitutes being involved in a drunken party). You can tell that was ad-libbed because the other guy nearly chokes on his drink, obviously not expecting that awesome but unplanned line.

Meline Olivier says:

Show bike use writer provision deal frame sudden unemployment.

Alexandria G says:

These videos would be even better if you let us hear the characters say the improvised line instead of saying them for them.

Slush And Ice says:

Actors who forget or improvise their lines usually are better actors.

Mike Andrews says:

Play the clip you are explaining… Makes a better video

oO Anonyme Oo says:

Where is Taxi Driver's "You're talking to me" sequence ?

Aria Johnson says:

What about the one in beauty and the beast

psycho manatee says:

What about that one James bond movie where the evil guy was petting the cat? That was just a random cat that wondered onto the set and jumped on the villains lap, and he just went with it

Adam Vermeulen says:

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Emil Makela says:

Resolve lend anyway green quickly inside intervention submit guest claim breathe.

Melena Rigg says:

You missed American Pie, the scene when Jim is finally losing his virginity and Alyson Hannigan says “say my name bitch”, from memory I’m pretty sure that was improv, lol!!

Collier Rawn says:

WhAt about the part in raiders of the lost ark where Indiana shoots the guy with the sword

REnzo GAmes says:

pirates of the caribiën

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