10 Most Paused Scenes in Popular DISNEY Movies

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10 DISNEY Moments You Won’t Be Able To Unsee!
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There are a lot of reasons to pause a movie scene but with Disney films it is usually to see something an animator accidentally or intentionally added. Maybe it was something they were hoping no one would notice or an Easter Egg. That is the glory of Blu-Ray and DVD’s, in the theater you can’t pause a scene when you think you saw something. Yet, at your own house you can stop the film to see if you really just saw that.Here is Screen Rant’s list of ten Most Paused Scenes in Popular Disney Movies.

Script by: Pasquale Murena

Voice Over by: David Macri

Edited by: Pasquale Murena


Wedding Scene in The Little Mermaid | 00:38
Jack Skellington in The Princess and the Frog | 01:12
The Posters in The Rescuers | 01:45
Esmeralda in The Hunchback of Notre Dame | 02:23
Mr. Limpet in The Little Mermaid | 02:59
The Jungle Book in Meet the Robinsons | 03:33
Paperman Memo in Wreck-It Ralph | 04:01
No Panties in Who Framed Roger Rabbit | 04:30
Mike Wazowski in Frozen | 05:04
Pinocchio and Pumba in Tangled | 05:35

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Screen Rant says:

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Alexis T says:

Sully was in Brave

beyblade #super says:

subscirbe my channel


Ratatouille at 5:48

Daniela Montero says:

rupunzal was in frosen once anna was singing

Olivia Garcia says:

i saw pinochio in a picture witch tells me pinochio was made byond that time it tells me pinochio was is germany becuse look at him!

Sara Lehman says:

A poster for Toy Story 2 came up in the posters on the baseball fence in Meet the Robinsons

tsukikage yuri admirer says:

That doesn't look like Pumbaa at all! That's not even a warthog…?


that was NOT pumba.. -.-

John Johnson says:

That isn't Pumba!!!

Maria Elizabeth Van Niekerk says:

When you look at the Frog princess, egsactly when the prince is smashed by the book… You see a flower bottle/something else, I can promise I saw Cinderella!

Stacy Phillips says:

in the movie secret life of pets on the back of the bus there is a poster for sing

SSSniperfox says:

in dispicible me 2 theres a minion kissing a doll minion

Savannah Love says:

I love your videos

# Save benson says:

You missed scar in Hercules

No Saw says:

sing in the secret life of pets.
wen the dog and rabbit are driving,it's on the back of the bus.

mysticalmind says:

Mike wazowski looks like…. Loox. Why did I just figure that out?

Sabrina Nascimento says:

Can't believe I didn't, see it.

Emeraldtroll says:

in ice age collision course "annoying dinobat" (lol) say "It's so cold up here! parts are retracting into other parts"
which is when its cold out and your #### tries to retract to keep warm.
blue sky AND disney now?

Emeraldtroll says:

paperman summed up in 1 sentence:
much papercuts and bullet holes.

Haley Loves undertale says:

Yes I do, when you pause at 5:38 there is something wrong with her dress

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