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भूत-काल Trailer | New Thriller film | The Devil's Hour | Thriller | Picture factory | Bhootkaal




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Bhoot-kaal Trailer | New Horror film | The Devil’s Hour | Thriller | Picture factory | Bhootkaal
Akash wakes up with horrifying dream at the time of night which is known to be associated with supernatural events.
Weird and inexplicable things occurs is his House the moment he wakes up, Akash think’s some one has entered in his house but in reality that someone is really someone or is it because of a unknown energy.
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Cast – Gaurav Raj
Creative Producer – Amber Gupta
Screenplay – Sagar gupta
Story, Cinematography, Edited, Music & Directed by Vipin Krishan Choudhary
Produced By Krishan Choudhary & Picture Factory