Why You Would Not Want Superman To Reverse Time! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

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Superman has many powers, but one of his most iconic scenes features one of the craziest with his reversal of time! But could this power be far more deadly to everything? Kyle takes it for a spin on this week’s Because Science!

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Artist: Andrew Bowser

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Nerdist says:

The "Kyle is wrong!" FAQ

1. Many pointing out that if Superman was as high in the atmosphere as he appears in the scene (I said he'd want to be as close as possible), then his speed WOULD get close to light speed. This is true! BUT…

2. We unfortunately can't have it both ways. If Superman flew high enough to make his travel FTL (~6,000km up based on the revolutions and the time), the Earth would stop rotating backwards the instant he slowed down. It doesn't. And if he was this high, he wouldn't be able to attempt another popular interpretation: physically turning the Earth backwards (at least, much less so than he could by flying through the atmosphere). Both cases are why I considered him to be as sub-LS and as low to the ground as possible. For the cool stuff we can learn!


Marilyn Newman says:

Well, for one reason, it was never in the comic books. You couldn't do it that way any way. He should steal the Tardis.

ilovethelegend says:

Man, like… how do you even weigh a planet when our concept of weight is reliant on said planet? (Like, I get that it's probably an estimate based on the weights of what earth is mostly made out of, but still)

TheOneCleanHippy says:

Yet another reason why Superman is a cop-out shitty superhero.

Olimpia753 says:

Man you really are the best ! Your videos are absolutely fantastic ! Thank you for all this ! Keep up the good work ?

carsogen says:

What would happen if Superman was on a planet with two suns, one red and one yellow?

Macro Mondo says:

Someone Random: Why he counts for Superman flying so close to the planet if in the movie he is OUTSIDE the planet?
Me: uhh cause the equation requires AIR drag therefore for it to even "work" it NEEDS TO BE INSIDE THE ATMOSPHERE?

Derek Yue says:

Cape says BS ???

Gerasimos Rico says:

You can't, turning back the earth wouldn't turn back time. Time is just illusional,

Gavin Joseph says:

This is genuinely my favourite series on YT, always a pleasure.

Man from Nantucket says:

Who else thinks Superman is just a poorly written character?

Chrisfragger1 says:

Time exists everywhere…. Reversing the spin of our little ball of dirt wouldn't do shit.

Terah says:

So, just for arguments sake.. even if everything on the surface of the planet wouldn't be destroyed, and oceans stayed put and everything except humanity would remain intact and untouched, every human being on the planet would still fly into walls and whatnot at at an initial speed of 100km/h (taking the 17 secs as the time to stop the current rotation, causing the first second to cause a slowdown from 460m/s to 433m/s).

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