Why Shattering Thor’s Hammer Would Destroy the Earth! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

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Thor Ragnarok shows us the destruction of Thor’s iconic hammer Mjolnir, but should it have shown even more Earth shattering damage? Kyle ragnarocks your mind on this week’s Because Science!

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Artist: Andrew Bowser

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• VOLUME OF THOR’S HAMMER: http://bit.ly/2xKSMWj
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Nerdist says:

The "Kyle is wrong!" FAQ

1. I know that Uru is the metal in question in the comics AND I know that everywhere other than Ragnarok says "in" a dying star not "from." But like I said in the video, I'm just using Thor's words in this film, because this is the film where it shatters, and it lets us talk about awesome physics!


TheAverageGamer says:

Love that you're using the metric system <3

Olcay Hazir says:

Hela destroyed thors hammer but their was only a lightning blast

JD Castro says:

Can you see if Captain Yamamoto's bankai is scientifically possible?

Aj McCool says:

In the next film he's not going to get a nother mjolnir check the comic book for what he's going to get I know but that's up to you to know

J. Mullis says:

darling, you have no idea whats possible…

Krypto N says:


Fernando Villanueva says:

I love these vids mainly because i actually understand what hes saying unlike my family

Muhammad Elnagar says:

So a question how about Hella and cap's shield (Vibranium)?!

TheYacu says:

Your hair is awesome… I'm jealous. 🙁

Gregory Kalev Kurg says:

Intro song?

Sean Legumes says:

Is there any way hela is powered by energy like superman is by the sun and she just absorbed it so become as strong as she was

Sean Legumes says:

Is there any way hela is powered by energy like superman is by the sun and she just absorbed it so become as strong as she was

roger smith says:

if they ever fire the guy that plays thor you should take his job.

Taeyang Lee says:

STOP we all know your thor

surfitlive says:

……um that's how some females feel about getting 2 'hammers' at once………..I heard it from a little birdie.

surfitlive says:

1000000000000000 kgs= 1,102,311,310,924.38794
or 1.1 Trillion Tons

surfitlive says:

5 million kilograms = 11,023,113.11lbs
or 5,511.556555 Tons or in layman's terms A LOT of high 5's.

surfitlive says:

Electron Degeneracy Pressure…..I had this SAME Problem in High School!!!!!
All the guys surrounding me in homeroom class with no room for me to move over and away, since no more empty seats existed in the classroom, pressuring me to join them to cut class and smoke some pot!!!!

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