Why Elon Musk’s Flamethrowers Are The Hottest Thing Online Right Now! (Muskwatch w/ Elon Musk)

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Elon is setting the internet on fire selling over $5 million worth of least likely thing you’d expect. Kyle and Dan discuss this and more on this week’s Muskwatch!

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Crowborn says:

Its very easy to build a flamethrower (actual flamethrower w/ range) for Very cheap so i dont think its wrong of him to sell them

- AKOB says:

All they are is a rubber roofing tourch

Adrian J Birdwell says:

Flamethrowers aren't "banned". The only two states where Flamethrowers are illegal are California, and Maryland. 😛

They are banned in use for war however.

TheLesser says:

wish i would have known about this before they sold out. i would have loved to buy one ;-;

Allanzo ツ says:

What's their purpose

trav v says:

How is that a joke though? Who DOESN'T want a flamethrower?

jammadamma says:

Elon Musk is not German

Martin Schobesberger says:

Dan can you pls tell me were u got that shirt, i fucking love it(neeeeeeeed)

Daily says:

12,000,000$ Of Flamethrowers Sold!

Now Behold says:

Here comes the angry flat earthers….

ZRIX DaPiup says:

I thought it was joke as well

DelTalkoh says:

It's technically legal to own a real flamethrower in the state of Colorado.

Kazuto kirigia says:

Has anyone noticed that elon musk looks like Malcom merliyn

r3dskull 7764 says:

Elon musk arms dealer?

sirbutteralotIII says:

Elon Musk ah so many people like him and his cars but his cars are incredibly ugly and electric cars are good for nothing. No speed no milage the electricity is produced with oil gas coal what they dont want. There's way better options with no emitions done.

Piano Shark says:

5:18 look at those floppin' fingers

pezkiller says:

@nerdist I would like to point out you need to be more clear at 2:00 a flamethrower is not banned to own, 48 states in the us can own a flamethrower but of course you have to take the proper steps to be legal but they are in no way illegal in 48 states

Zach Godley says:

Elon is like Einstein if he did a line of crack.

Elon Musk: time to do some science!

snorting sound


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