Why Do Stormtroopers Even Wear Armor? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

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Stormtroopers are not only known for being terrible shots, but also getting zero protection from their armor. So why do they even bother? Kyle has not another drill on this week’s Because Science!

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Artist: Andrew Bowser

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Nerdist says:

I filmed this before The Last Jedi came out and just happened to be exactly right about Phasma's armor. Heh. NEW mini-ep over on my Insta: https://www.instagram.com/sci_phile/ And don't worry, moving away from Star Wars for the next two episodes. Thanks for watching! — KH

aceryz says:

I love the smuggled quotes. Even those… not so subtle.

It's a nice excercise, to try and come up with a way for an artist's design (the armor, the lightsabre, Thor's hammer) or some other imagined scenario to make sense in some way – according to our understanding of physics. Randal Munroe does it tremendously well in text and drawing, you do it magnificently in video (while drawing).

joshioaz85 says:

This was so badass, I love u Kyle and the squad at Nerdist..

Erynes The Left-Hand says:

They don't die usually, they just get knocked out. It is made to compensate a hit across the majority of the armour, thus dispensing the damage. But Storm Trooper armour is cheap and crap, the Phase II Clone Armour was much better. Also, it shoots Tabana Gas, which we have no idea about the properties so it could work. Also in 40K the weapons have miniaturised cores the same heat of a Star. But regardless, if you look into all factors it works.

NineBreaker says:

BF1 Arditi armor is significantly better.

Krypto N says:

I mean, to be fair, we don't that often know for sure if they're dead or not. A soldier can take a bullet wearing ballistics and go down and not get back up within 5 seconds, so they may actually still be living – just injured (or really good at faking it).

Chris Hale says:

We’ve never actually seen Stormtroopers die from blaster shots, or at least we don’t know definitively that they died. It could just be that the blaster shot knocks them off their feet or the pain knocks them unconscious. The armor dissipates the heat to an extent, a blaster bolt puts them temporarily out of commission but doesn’t necessarily kill them.

Andresmoomoo says:

you're so full of crap lol

Adiv Kuray says:

In Starwars, the storm trooper armor actuly knocked the trooper out when they are hit

S. Smith says:

They wear it because it's in the script, silly…

0bliviousDjin says:

I am disappointed by the lack of surprise lightsaber

Laird Cummings says:

I still wonder at the Rebels' amazing accuracy – all those torso hits.

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