What The Star Wars Cast Really Thinks of Porgs (Nerdist News Edition)

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The Star Wars cast tells us what they REALLY think of the fan favorite Porgs in this Nerdist News Edition!

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C Peterseb says:

LIghtsaber laying on the ground I thought for sure the one porg was going to activate the lightsaber and kill his buddy.. I think I audibly said 'Oh no…' the Scene with Chewbacca eating the cooked bird with the porgs watching , this gag was straight out of the 1983 movie 'never cry wolf' where the scientist who lives with wolves , cooks and eats mice to prove its what the wolves mainly survive on.

Gabe Ouellette says:

Porgs are cannibals they just wanted food from Chewbacca

Simon Henry says:

Which is cuter: Porgs, or Ewoks?

cason moore i love unspeakable! says:


Bob Ross says:

i hate porgs because they where designed to sell fucking stuffed animals and even more furthered the idea that star wars isnt a great movie its a great product

Zongtao Li says:

Cmon, John! The porgs in the movie are way better than those toys in Target.

Anthony Sanabria says:



I would give it to a parkour guy and then take it back and keep it if it is a sith porg i would kill it and say go to hell you bastard if the sith says dont make me kill you then ill kill it

Samantha Campbell says:

I love Porgs. So much.

Disturber93 says:

Those shit things look like crap
''Let us design something that looks like it's gonna to cry that everybody will find it super cute''
WHat happened to star wars ? It was once my favourote film series and in my childhood i loved the style of episode 4-6. It was so dark and full of mystery and magic ! Now it's just another movie with stupid jokes and a generic story line

Lecho Arc says:

I love porg and I would steal them if I saw all of them for any

Can’t think Of a name says:

Why do they hate porgs?

Lucky Block says:

Wait that’s who played snoke what

Nunya Beeswax says:

I think that the Porgs were meant to be a Comedic nod to all the fans that "dislike" the cutesy creatures star wars has had in the past. Specifically, the scene where Chewy roasts and tries to eat a porg, while the other porgs are watching all sad faced because they are just smart enough to know "hey, hes eating bob!"

Joseph Letanosky says:

Kill it kill it with fire

Corbin Latham says:

Aren't porgs an invasive species?

Cassidy Ledbetter says:

I love the porgs they are so cute

Zachary Miles says:

I would treat them like the dodos in ark. I would put a bunch of them into a pen and rain rpgs down on them like confetti on new years eve. Or I would practice my sniping skills.

Burr Leufven says:

After this video, I'm gonna head over to "Kashyyyk Fried Porg" and pick up the family bucket!

Miles Klink says:

They are cute but hella annoying

IV4N815 XxZombie SlayerxX says:

I'll Keep The Porg If I Saw one In Real Life I Found Them Crazy And Adorable It Can Be My Alarm Clock Because The Noise Can Wake You Up They Are So Damn Cute! And Noisy

Arbhall McDougall says:

If you saw 5 real porgs in my kitchen?

I would catch them and drown them in brandy, to add another layer to their flavours. The key to any poultry preparation is to layer your flavours. The more the merrier. Fresh herb wrap and aromatic broth, slow cook for 4 hours on low heat and serve with baby carrots, with a light honey, dijon sauce.
Id pair it with the brandy I drown them in, but any light white wine will work, or craft pilsner.

Malria Acevedo says:

I love porgs so much

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