Welcome Back, Star Wars!

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http://www.redlettermedia.com – With the release of the full trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, RLM has released a special video of our own. Welcome back future landfill, I mean Star Wars!

Special Thanks for the fan footage from Toy World order and DGDX Animation for his Toy Hunt video:

Toy World Order

DGDX Animation


collegeman1988 says:

Most kids who had a Han Solo action figure usually put him in a glass of water and froze him, which often caused the glass to break.

beijingbond says:

This is better than The Last Jedi.

Douglas Rosa says:

Looking at these toys today reminds me of when I went to watch Iron Man 3 and they gave out Mandarin posters, then the film was over and it had no meaning in the end.

Snore Lax says:

3 years later, those same toys are on the same shelves cause nobody is buying this crap.


its really sad to see classic figures destroyed in such a way but I get the reason and ur point behind it

Tiernen says:

This video is more emotional than the 3 new star wars movies we have

spartacus36526 says:

It broke new ground!!!

Mitchell Horner says:

This video makes me despondent

Just Mike says:

I want to see you guys melt some of the new figures. They're on sale cheap because nobody is buy them. They used to talk about some figures in a series being "peg warmers", I think that is most of the Disney Star Wars characters now.

the regular Guy says:

Life is meaningless

Alexander Vlk says:

Far too few views.

swmark78 says:

Fast forward to January 2018, where toy sales were down nearly 50% after The Last Jedi. The Last Jedi came out on December 15th and it's toy line was already on clearance before Christmas day. Good job Rian Johnson!

Graeme Evans says:

1:30 we're going to need a bigger jar….. and fuck load more acetone

adolf haltar says:


Spartan X47 says:

Oh god that leia one is haunting

adrienfourniercom says:

The acetone strikes back

.x. says:

Acetone, what can't it do!?…

Gordon Davis says:

The new Star Wars films have a lack of tone – acetone. My ex-wife asked for the phone, I thought she said acetone. The police still can’t find her.

Catzilla says:

How to sum up the death of a franchise in 2 minutes, 41 seconds.

VanFinale says:

Why do the toys become frosting before they fall apart?

Battam says:

With so many views surely someone who worked on SW must have seen this.

Misimosity says:

This started out funny and slowly got sad and depressing

bootes says:

miss piggy leia

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