Was Tiny Toons Written by Kids?

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Believe it or not there was a time when a Tiny Toons episode was written by 13 year olds. How did it happen?
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Jonathan Rogers says:

The Internet did exist in 1991 when "Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian" first aired, though few people had access to it. Usenet had been used for discussions of various topics for over a decade at that point and was connected to the Internet.

I Like 2 Draw says:

Wow this is cool! I really do wish I was live then. 🙁

ShuuichiMinamino25 says:

Hey, who remembers the cereal? I remember that it tasted very similar like Captain Crunch.

Mr Frost says:

When they dont pay attention warner can make some great stuff XD

Aaron Foust says:

After this video, i'm gonna watch that episode on Hulu.

Adrian Grummt says:

6:36 “He's like the world's nicest director.” “You know, there's a reason all the actors at the Oscars are thanking him.”

That logic doesn't hold up anymore.

Moraco Mole says:

This whole thing made me so giddy

texaswalker2011 says:

Exactly 1 year since this video was uploaded

VocalCalibration says:

Plucky Duck?

That one got me.

Ralph Kent says:

2,000 Comment!

Jan Christian Frodahl says:

that Renee dude seems nice

Michael Harrington says:

What does she say at 3:00?

Tommy Diaz-Millan says:

There could've been a better title for this editorial like Was This Episode Of Tiny Toons Written By Kids?

Christopher Sobieniak says:

This was discussed recently here on Cartoon Research in an article about different animation anecdotes…

Although uncredited in the episode, the episode director was Art Leonardi and staff writer Nicholas Hollander had to take the girls' story to create the wrapabound section of it with Spielberg and the cast commenting how odd the script was.

StraightPixel says:

remembers episode where the baby's get drunk and die in a car crash

Azim Alif says:

What's the anime name that he dabbled in?

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