Top 10 Fascinating Things You Didn’t Know About Mary Poppins

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Top 10 Fascinating Things You Didn’t Know About Mary Poppins // Subscribe:

We know one thing for sure – it’s practically perfect in every way! Welcome to MsMojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About “Mary Poppins.” For this list, we’re looking at interesting tidbits about both the movie and books! Did you know that it was initially VERY successful? Though it was created on a modest budget of $4-6 million, “Mary Poppins” proved to be a hugely successful project for Disney, bringing in $31 million in the US alone. The equivalent in today’s dollars would be over $250 million!

List Entries and Rank:
10. It Was Initially VERY Successful
9. The Author Hated the Movie
8. Mr. Banks Also Voiced Several Characters
7. The Book Was Taken off the Shelves in San Francisco
6. Dick Van Dyke Wasn’t a Dancer
5. There Were Tons of Deleted Songs
4. There Were Many Book to Movie Changes
3, 2 & 1???

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MsMojo says:

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Kali says:

Still say I learned my cockney from Bert, and I have absolutely NO problem with his interpretation. Sure, true cockneys don't like it, but it works for me. 🙂

Shams says:

Julie Andrews is just incredibly beautiful and sexy, and that velvet voice!

William O'Connell says:

Of which she did an amazing job with Maria in the "Sound of Music", and as Queen Clarisse in the Princess Daries. Her acting in both movies are exceptionally astonishing.

guy tremblay says:

what you didn,t know id that mary poppins could fly for real . at least the last time i slamed her with my truck

Rebecca Nanmi says:

Omg this movie was awesome 😎❤️❤️ I’d love to watch it someday with my own son when he’s a little older. I can’t wait for the new Mary Poppins movie 🍿

Paul Smith says:

I was intrigued by this video at the part about the deleted songs, and one of them about the zoo. Were they actually going to use the story from the Poppins books where Mary goes to the zoo after midnight, when humans are kept in cages and animals walk around and talk, and Mary is made their queen and sits on a throne made of snakes? (If you've never read the books you may be surprised on how trippy they are.)

Audra Legg says:

I intend the author but music is always is part of Disney movie's get over it. MAYBE we will hear some the other songs we will hear and see the other kids in the next movies there are four children in the new trailer. So maybe be.

Alyssa Kays says:

What about the fact that Dick Van Dyke also played the old man at the bank?!

Sarah Lopes says:

Another fun fact, The boy that played Micheal Banks was DEATHLY afraid of heights so whenever they had to redo a scene where he would be high up they would pay him 10 cents to redo it and that’s also why when they are climbing up the stairs of smoke during the chimney scene you can see Mary poppins holding out her umbrella and micheal hanging on because he was so scared

ANNA MAE Devlin says:

Every time, I hear, FEED THE BIRDS, my heart aches! GREED TODAY, has no bounds! BEZOS, is today's, SCROOGE!

BrendanTheGent says:

if you see "Racist Undertones" means youre a snowflake with no back bone. A cancer to society.

goodwood1052221 says:

Juiie andrews got the part in the sound of music when the producers of the film asking disney to show them mary poppins which had not been relased at that point they were casting thier film

Suvidhi Anand - W G Davis Sr PS (1573) says:

Anyone know how old Mary Poppins was in the movie? I know how old Julia Andrews is but not Mary Poppins…

Good old uncle Sideous says:

There needs to be a Nanny Macphee vs Mary Poppins movie.

WeWatchTheMovies says:

I wish the umbrella talked more in the movie. It didn't talk much

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