The Science Behind RICK AND MORTY’s Rickstaverse! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

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Rick and Morty can travel to any place in the universe with their Portal Gun, but most importantly any timeline in the greater Rickstaverse. But how do these universes exist? Kyle ex-ex-explains on this week’s Because Science!

*Oops, Rick is definitely not Morty’s uncle, but maybe in an alternate universe he is? I don’t know, best not to think about it.

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Artist: Andrew Bowser

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• The Many-worlds interpretation:
• The 9 Weirdest Implications Of The Many Worlds Interpretation:
• Quantum mechanics (an embarrassment):
• Many-world acceptance poll:

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Nanifa says:

Is this video the universe where Thor DIDN'T pick up Mjölnir?

VOID says:

"DruNk uNcLE"

Amelia heart says:

There's a universe that your mum killed you with a baseball bat the minute you left her womb.

skylander king says:

This is like the "are Pokemon dead inside Pokeballs" thing.

James Pike says:

One must have a fairly high IQ to appreciate this video.

Wolf ofDimensions says:

Look at steins gate's world line theory

Ieat utube says:

I like the mental gymnastics of people who can claim that an alternate version of you or computer simulation of you is you. It's prima facie absurdity widely dogmatically accepted as fact by otherwise intelligent people who need to think that felt needs have objective worth.

Reverse Flash says:

Bro he's his grandpa not his uncle, get your facts straight if you're gonna lie.

Zane McCune says:

Nobody belongs anywhere, nobody exists on purpose, we're all going to die, come watch TV.

Greig Clement says:

How about the science of the weeping angels from Doctor Who ? They are frozen/static when observed directly. There must be some quantum mumbo-jumbo to explain that ! Are they moving at a different speed or just out of phase ?

Bartholomeefamily says:

I used to buy into the multiple worlds interpretation. But I then realized that would mean that there are some where inter-dimensional travel works, and some where it works and the guy who discovered it then used it to end all the other universes. And that's not true, we're alive now, so I can't believe it. Not saying you're wrong for believing it, I just personally can't.

Rodrigo Bragança says:

you need to take a grad course in quantum mechanics and stop spewing bullshit from wikipedia.

Chase Conaway says:

Grandfather, not uncle.

Jay Osornio says:

Haha i hear that alot now. Rick n morty is my favorite tv show. So cool

Space Monkey says:

many girls mechanic s

Quality Content says:

Apparently, I'm the leader of North Korea in a different universe.

SneakyEnchalada says:

Okay, first of all, UNCLE?!? grandpa. If you watch rick and morty at all, you would know this.

JacobLZP2 says:

Your short hair

Lasting Damage says:

Here is the thint . See how I made a typo and didn’t spell thing correctly? I just created a new universe, split myself off because in one universe I wrote thing correctly and intentionally misspelled another word in this comment. The observer creates universes every time it makes a decision or simply makes a small choice . Despite the poll, the discovery that the rate of expansion—the cosmological constant— was fine tuned to 186 decimal points led many to abandoned The Copenhagen interpretation because despite many other fine tuned aspects of the universe, that one was too hard to swallow. If you read this far then go look for the doc here on YouTube called “What We Still Don’t Know: Are We Real?”

Bastardo - :v Khe says:

0:53 trying to poop xd

Pokemon and Stuff says:

Of course I already knew this with my iq of 209

kharne thebetrayer says:

Everytime i get a box the cat tries to climb inside

gandalfherrera says:

Stick to science and leave the "impressions " to the professionals

Trillium says:

Back when Rick and Morty wasn't a cringy meme.

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