The Roast of Harry Potter!

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He is the most famous wizard all time, he defeated the Dark Lord, and his adventures got a generation to read books again...but can the Boy who Lived survive…a stage of comedians?! Hold on to your horcruxes because The Roast of Harry Potter is here- and there's no defense against these dark arts.

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Tell us in the comments below... WHO DO YOU WANT TO SEE ROASTED NEXT!?

Joe Starr as Harry Potter
Piotr Michael as Dumbeldore
Hal Rudnick as Snape
Ron Babcock as Lord Vlodemort
Brad James Gage as Ron Weasley
Bree Essrig as Hermione Granger
Connor McSpaddon as Draco Malfoy
Julia Prescott as J.K. Rowling
Keith Carey as Hagrid

Directed by
Andy Signore

Executive Produced by Andy Signore
Supervising Producer Brent Lydic

Written by
Keith Carey, Ron Babcock, Joseph Scrimshaw, Joe Starr, and Spencer Gilbert


One With The Brick Films says:

The roast of wolverine! Do it!

nathan Tong says:

The woman's face next to hagrid when snape is speaking XD

Dimaria Yesta says:

Huffling her puff

Ginger The Lab Retriever says:

U muggles!!!! Agh!!! Don't u dare play with my feelings and???????????

MetallicGirl says:

Snape looks like he's really stoned.

Uilliam Coorinna says:

Is there somewhere to see these roasts on DVD?

Benkenobi2nd says:

The guy on the left looks like a sexual Preditor

JRGProjects says:

Roast of Captain James T Kirk

ty catslife says:

Doctor Strange

truth of this earth, 42 says:

0:25 this is really uncomfortable

Silversight829 says:

Harry Potter? Wait, you mean that dude with the wand?

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