The Physics Behind The Last Jedi’s Coolest Scene! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

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Star Wars has changed pop culture and The Last Jedi may have done it again with an epic space tactic, but how would it work? Kyle has the lightspeed physics on this week’s Because Science!

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Artist: Andrew Bowser

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Nerdist says:

I REALLY like how this episode turned out, so I hope you enjoy. Thanks for watching. Oh, and the reason I didn't have any footage was that I filmed this the day TLJ came out. Tight turn around! — KH

The Sukkin Man says:

My Favorite part was when Jar Jar turned out to be snoke and then he moved to Alderan

Daniel Renard says:

Now I can only associate Porg calls with imminent calamity!

aceryz says:

I too don't like how the galactic kamikaze did not appear in the earlier history of the Rebellion (or Resistance, for that matter), especially against weapons as deadly as the Death Stars – all the more when we know that they were agreeable to sacrificing their lives on the altar of freedom.

How fast must have been the ship to do the damage that we saw? 0.1 c? Maybe it was just gaining speed. Then again, being able to hit anything when 'warping' rises too many questions. Slowing down in the atmosphere like we saw in Force Awakens would disintegrate the ship, no matter the Starkiller's shield… or the surface. Not to mention that the ships themselves would need to be undestructible: a hull must carry thrust from engines to the farthest bit of a ship. 'Throttle up' was just posted over the old 'selfdestruct' button.

Greenie Head says:

The only real problem I have with the scene is the implications it has on the star wars universe. If using the jump to light speed can be used as such a powerful weapon, then why the fuck has it not been done before. Hell, if I lived in this universe, the first thing I would do is create weapons that effectively fire small ships that go to light speed and completely obliterate the target. It would render most main ship weapons entirely obsolete because they would be massively out classed by a weapon that fires at light speed and can do this kind of damage.

mk1 computron says:

to stop a rkkv , how about put some antimatter in its path

Daniel Lobo says:

Thats not what happened at all. Even though Han calls it "jumping to lightspeed" it is not actually that, it is a hyperdrive. Evidence of this is also that they travel around the entire galaxy, which I assume is galaxy sized in hours or days, not in hundreds of thouhsands of years, and there is no time dilation when traveling (luke doesn´t arrive at dagobah after a million years have passed for yoda).

So its not lightspeed. What I derive happens is that their hyperdrive works pretty much like A star trek warp engine, bending space into a warp "bubble". Now it that is the case space itself behind the radus is being expanded, while space in front is being compressed, FASTER than the speed of light (space can expand FTL), this causes the molecules in front of the ship to be accelerated and light itself occupying that space to be blue-shifted (because of the doppler effect), into its most energetic form: Gamma rays.

So as the Radus enters hyperspace in the general direction of the First order, it showers them in deadly gamma rays, thus not exploding them, but melting the ships along its path.

K NOW says:

now im wondering if ANYONE could even survive normal hyperspace travel, according to the general formula for gravity (though its not accurate anymore once it hits a certain distance) , the gravity of two objects is gamma times mass 1 times mass 2 divided by their squared distance. Now im just a schoolboy, so i dont know much about astrophisics, but according to Kyle Hill saying that at this speed the ships mass would increase greatly, basically crushing it and everything inside under its own gravitational force

ndreja says:

i'm no scientist or mathematician but shouldn't the mass of the space ship scale by the square instead of simply double? i know that to scale up things isn't a linear process but is exponential, therefore i bet that by redoing the maths it would come out a different scenario

Darth Skarr says:

In short – The Resistance committed a war crime.

Hail the Empire and First Order!

Nihl Uxler says:

« Death star laser energy level » not quite. In fact the superlaser is at least a thousand time more powerful and more a likely around a billion time.

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