THE NUN Trailer (2018)

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First Trailer for The Nun

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FilmSelect Trailer says:

Here is the first trailer for The Nun

Tammy says:

Most People: In the comment section to see how the movie is.

Me: In the comment section to not get scared 👻

Hugo Macias says:

Very good movie really

Gary Mazzeo says:

A beautiful story, highly recommended to parents thinking about enrolling their little ones in Catholic school.

dontlookatme 27 says:

1:20 scared tf out of me

leone ochieng says:

The only scary thing about this movie is its rotten tomatoes score.

Hasso Khan says:

I am so scared that i have not sleepen from last two days

Nihad says:

oooooo noooooo

lu lu says:

So boring movie. Idk.

juntingiee says:

I searched nan. This came

Violence Agent says:

The Abby has a long history, … not all goooooood

genç tv tv says:

Googl playden kaldirmislar bunu biri sikayet etmis bu filimii agzina sicayim o kisininn sikiyim ben o kisiyii allahim cildiricammmm neden sikayett etinn lannnnn seniiii sikiyim emii senin agzinaaa sicayim bende seni sikayet edicemmmm isalahh bu yorumu gorursunnn😈😈😈😈😠😠😠😠😠😠

Adam hendsome says:

Hi, I am an Indonesian child, greet you🙏

Winnyter Productions says:

I saw this at the movie theater…

I screamed.

Irom Ramananda says:

I downloaded The Nun free full movie good print dual audio from here :

Aditi Bora says:

When I saw the thumbnail..I realised that nun needs a nose job

tankura says:

+ Very scary

Lilly Ochoa says:

What the HELL

Faze Gang says:

They should make a movie where all the demons like nun Annabel and others creepy things should fight together and see how scary that is

THE END says:

روعة 👍👍👍👍

shawal suhimat says:

She so horror…..

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