The Nerd Crew – Solo: A Star Wars Story – Teaser Trailer Breakdown!!!

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Okay Jay/Rich this is the rough edit. Insert the final trailer after it’s uploaded this Sunday or Monday (You’ll see the spot for it) This way we can have the reaction video out before everyone else. Our reactions will probably match up to the trailer as these SW trailers are pretty boilerplate and predictable at this point. Remember DO NOT POST THIS anytime before the official release of the trailer. We’ll look really stupid. Also, Rich – a collection agency keeps calling my phone looking for you. They sounded pretty mad. Made some comments about “breaking your legs” – which seemed a little unusual for collections? Your gambling habit hasn’t resurfaced again has it? If so we need to have a talk. DO NOT borrow money from Jimmy “the leg breaker” Malone anymore. Okay, talk with you guys soon. – Mike


Marcel Nobrega says:

They got the blaster spoiler right off the bat now thats a reaction worth watching before the trailer.

Jose Parcenary says:

Weird to say it, but I kinda feel like this one RLM video has set the tone and started a ball rolling that is gonna end up costing Disney a couple of hundred million dollars on Solo in May.

This is the first Star Wars movie that even Star Wars fans are gonna take a pass on at the cinema and this video has perfectly captured the feeling of doom around the film and to what a pointless, heartless POS it's gonna to be.

Lexi Vay says:

so hilariously sarcastic, I love it

Lenny Mendoza says:

“It’s just another day at the office at Lucasfilm” lol XD

Zaius Ex Machina says:

that's not Swedish, you hacks!! "Very cool" is "Väldigt häftigt" in Swedish

Derek McCumber says:

Congratulations to Lord & Miller for making a magnificent film, and also to Jay for his AIDS.

SilentStrife says:

They were dead on balls accurate other than the jabs reference

Zerox5861 says:

How are you guys so fucking good at this.

PirateDaveZOMG says:

Jay near-corpsing at 8:00 is adorable.

Jksniper says:

At 9:50 I literally died

Zingy_McFluffin says:

Kathleen Kennedy thinks this is real.

New England Dynasty says:

You go ron howard, you go!

Rip Roarin' Boogerpenis says:

S I B E R I A I N T H E W I N T E R . . .
In the hooooouuuuuuuuuuuse.

John Doe says:

I love how among the toy boxes there is also an electric razor box. 😀 😀

Empire Toy Shop says:

CGI Jabba looked like shit in 1997, 2003, and 2005. its amazing what 'yes men' will do. The Hasbro Black Series Jabba looks better.

Vibes of Truth says:

Solo looks like the best star wars yet some of us have been waiting for this our entire lives

wannabchomsky says:

And he collider fan boys did as predicted. They found 0 faults with it and think it’ll be awesome. At least harloff was actually semi critical.

All the fanboys there are just raging how RLM are actually the sellloits and that their schtick isn’t cool anymore.


Matt Ponikvar says:

Looked like a 5 year old edited that Jabba scene in the special edition.

Sam Mazensky says:

Jimmy "The Leg breaker" Malone sent me here.

Fly Beep says:

Kessel Run…..Tentacles…..meh, close enough.

Magnus Bergmark says:

That wasn't really Swedish! I see through your lies, fucking Fack Hrauds!

Iverass says:

That's not swedish, you must be confusing it with swiss

Ted Bear says:

Disney, Blizzard "entertainment", And all the stupid cunts that work for them couldn't be any more retarded if they slammed their collective heads into the pavement committing suicide. Jesus Christ couldn't come back to life and save this piece of shit company or any of the horseshit they're swinging.

Taffi Louis says:

Couldn't work in a dead hooker joke, so now it's AIDS for lols? What, are you, like, 8?

charlos duncan says:

you guys are very cool, veeery coool

nrrork says:

Don't hate on the Avengers at the end. You know goddamn well your ten-year-old selves would've murdered everyone you loved with a broken whiskey bottle to have a movie like that.

Gabor Zichy T. says:

boba is actually seen in the background of a teaser picture by ron howard, who is with jarvis actor, and in the back, u can see boba

El Bromo Hojo says:

Snuggies rock, assholes. There's your 1000 and counting downvotes.

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