THE LODGE Official Trailer (2019) Horror Movie

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THE LODGE Official Trailer Movie in theatre Soon.

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Trash Panda Things&stuff says:

I'm sorry, did this trailer actually show the father dead @ 2:21? They may as well have just put the ending in here as well.

George Miller says:


Amonny says:

Indiewire, Colliders, Slash Film, Vulture… a couple of garbage websites. I'll give it a chance anyway.

Maximus Prime says:

Wow, a movie with only one actor I'm familiar with. Thats one of the kids from "It", right?

Darren Bauer says:

Is this a remake of the shining?

freeland256 says:

well I guess another movie about a nut job trying to kill some kids.. ill pass

Rob Mitchell says:

Looks like ten kinds of dumb!

Jouse Martinez says:

Dosent look that good .-.

Aselene says:

Can't really see anything here that's erm gamechanging, but what horror films have risen above mediocrity recently? Say last 5 years perhaps

HIGH HAT says:

I mean I'll watch it but I think I'll get bored

Nu Ahes says:

Impatient 😍 J'espère aussi dérangeant que "Goodnight Mommy"

Fabiola Vivanco says:

What the heck ? 1:30 it she drowning ? 2:20

Carmen Ramiro Fernández says:

You do the best Ican dream of in my life

Carmen Ramiro Fernández says:

You are the cane

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