THE LODGE Official Trailer (2019) Horror Movie HD

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THE LODGE Official Trailer (2019) Horror Movie HD

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You're not welcome here. #TheLodge is in theaters this Fall.

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Soohie Mae :3 says:

I'm sorry but if those people ever want to take a good selfie, that lighting isn't the best

Soohie Mae :3 says:

K, so I just watched the Goodnight Mommy trailer (because it came up in my recommended) then I got in the scary movie vibe so I looked up "Horror Movie Trailers" and this came up and it said "From The Directors Of Goodnight Mommy"…
Ok that's all I have to say…
Btw you should watch the Goodnight Mommy trailer (it's super good)

Christian Curtin says:

excellent lighting! oh wait.. no. i cannot see anything because its dim AF

ShiggieWiggie says:

this movie does have potential as a claustrophobic horror movie like cloverfield lane, but jesus. turn up the brightness, when you have to constantly squint to see whats happening that's not scary, it's just distracting. Other than that I'm excited for this. But please up the brightness for the final cut

3manfan says:

Chick looks like she's a shit-magnet.

I'd stay away from her if I were them.

V Kelly says:

i cant even watch anything all i get is traller even i subscribe . That is a joke . i will go on amazon . i all ways get to watch what i want . but this is shite

Anthony Fernando says:

This Looks like crap… Not Scary at all

Kenshin Himura says:

yet another shitty movie……

Alvin Anderson says:

I really hope the movie is good so I can wake up from watching the preview….

ptong226 says:

Looks very good🌨️🌳

Lucifer J Morningstar says:

Looks good.

Crying Jordan Face says:

I'll watch it. Good to see Alicia Silverstone back on the big screen.

Julio Augusto says:

I'm officially SICK N TIDE of current horror movies

CamHatege says:

This better not be terrible like that movie Hereditary…

sugadennis says:

What’s this? A horror trailer with children who can act and the preview hasn’t spoiled the ending???

Anthony J says:

I can’t tell what’s going on. I barely even seen anything it’s so damn dark throughout the trailer.

akshay mahajan says:

Is this a trailer or showing post credit scenes.😁😁

Chinese viol says:

Very good video, I recommend you watch Chinese movies.

Josh Pendleton says:

Who else read “THE LEGO MOVIE” at 1st??… No one? Ok, I’m dyslexic

Phaire Couchpotato says:

If there are only three saw sand twigs why does the inverted paper stand in depth from the justification of ambiguous domination?

Mallo Rani says:

Great ANOTHER annoyingly dark movie where you get a headache cause its TOO DARK to see whats happening and all you end up doing is STRAIN your eyes and stay confused cause you cant make out whats happening. Great way to cut out lighting budget!

nota russianspy says:

When is this out?

thunderbolt1231 says:

Apparently the original mom trained her children to be hateful asses

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